Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta Is Getting Dramatic for Lil Scrappy, What Does the Second Part of the Reunion Hold? Let’s See

“Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta” is about to close its fourth season soon with the second part of the “Reunion”, and things have been going rather badly for some of the show’s characters. Lil Scrappy in particular seems to be at his tipping point, and things have escalated really badly around him lately, after he was attacked with a claim for back child support which he apparently owed to Dixon.

More specifically, he was asked to pay nearly $50,000 for that, and this was somewhat of a culmination to the constant ongoing bickering between the two that we’ve seen throughout this season. Lil Scrappy seems to be trying to stick to his image and he’s holding his ground just fine, claiming that he’s the kind of father who takes care of his children 24/7 and not just from time to time.

And according to him, the amount that’s being asked is ridiculous in light of an agreement he had with Dixon. According to that deal, Lil Scrappy was supposed to provide child support for the periods of time while his daughter Emani was with Dixon, and vice versa.

And up until then, he added, he’s been paying $2,000 a month as Emani is currently indeed living with Dixon. The problem seems to be in Dixon’s perspective on the situation, as she’s been making demands that Lil Scrappy described as unrealistic – asking for additional support to the tune of $5,000 every month.

But of course, as we have learned very well from this show, every story has its flip side and there is always something missing from the equation when listening to the point of view of just one person. In this case, Dixon claimed that Lil Scrappy has been acting a bit negligently towards Emani, missing one of her important appointments – more specifically, one for her braces. This, along with other factors, has led Dixon to believe that she deserves more money in support for the child as Lil Scrappy has been putting less effort than her on the non-financial side.

On the other hand, Scrappy was of the opinion that this was an intentional setup by Dixon, who hid the date of the appointment from him until it was too late. We can’t confirm how much of either side of this story is true, but it’s definitely noticeable that the tension between the two of them has been growing, and it might soon reach a boiling point.

This is exactly what most fans of the show are expecting to see once the second part of the “Reunion” episode airs on August 31, and it’s going to be a major day for those who’ve been following “Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta” since the beginning. We’re likely going to see the culmination of some of the ongoing exchanges between certain cast members, and this is shaping up to be an episode full of drama and controversy for pretty much everyone involved.

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It’s also worth noting that Lil Scrappy and Dixon are far from alone in this ongoing argument, as there have been various people speaking up on both sides. Most notably, Lil Scrappy’s own mother has been very outspoken about the situation and she’s been defending her son very adamantly. Many of the show’s fans seem to agree with the arguments that she’s brought forward too, and it looks like Lil Scrappy at least has the support of those who’re following the show.

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