Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta Is Getting Dramatic for Lil Scrappy, What Does the Second Part of the Reunion Hold? Let’s See

According to most people, he has actually been a good father from what we’ve been able to see, and he’s been doing his best to make the situation right despite being in a tight spot.

It’s definitely noticeable that he’s been trying to compensate for some of his shortcomings during the period where he had to support his child, and some fans have even said that he’s done more than most people would in his situation, and he deserves respect and admiration for that.

Of course, Dixon is definitely not one to agree with all that and she’s been trying quite hard to provoke Lil Scrappy into a heated argument and get him to lose his temper in front of the audience. While he is very outspoken about the situation, he’s also been trying to keep things under control as much as possible.

But in the end, he just couldn’t resist and let out a huge tirade that impressed many people, while it left little room for Dixon to defend herself. This outburst has been the subject of much discussion in the community of the show’s fans, and plenty of people following the episodes closely were actually a bit shocked by the way things turned out, claiming that they didn’t expect Lil Scrappy to go that far and say some of the things he did.

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