Theo James and Shailene Woodley Have Apparently Been Getting along for Quite Longer than We Thought!

That’s actually the main point of speculation for many fans of the two actors – and those who like them as a couple as well – but it might be a while before we hear anything about this. The two of them know how to control their public image quite well.

Because of this, we don’t expect to hear about their engagement until they’re both ready to speak up on the subject, and when that happens, it might also not be done in a way that draws too much attention to them.

After all, as we said above, James has been known for being a bit modest and unwilling to put himself in the public spotlight all too often, and this would probably reflect on the way he presents his new engagement to the world as well.

Let’s just hope that there won’t be any new drama on the scene once that engagement becomes public, because if the rumors about James and Woodley having something special between them are true, she might not be too fond to hear this news. But in the end, it might also be true that the two of them just aren’t that compatible at all as a couple, but work great together as friends and partners on the stage.

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