‘Boom Beach’ Next Update Coming in October, Assures Game Developer!

Finnish game developer Supercell is now working on the next set of updates to the freemium mobile strategy video game “Boom Beach” to give its millions of gamers a continuously fun and exciting experience in playing the game on a daily basis.

Apparently, the updates that the developer have started working on are based mostly on gamer feedbacks from the game’s official forum site and also from gamer comments and reactions on the social media accounts of “Boom Beach” on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

The development team has been keeping gamers on the loop as far as the progress of the updates is concerned and they have posted a sort of status report of it recently at the “Boom Beach” forum site.

The team said that they were actually impressed with the suggestions of gamers on how to further improve “Boom Beach” because of the creativity involved that ultimately blew their expectations out of the water. They also revealed that the next update to the mobile strategy game will come in October.

They have posted a list of the things that they have been working on and those that they are also eyeing to do so as to keep the gamers really informed and not be surprised when some of their expectations do not appear in the next update of “Boom Beach” in October.

However, the team said that even in their own list of things that they are working on, they cannot guarantee that it would really be improved or actually come out because much of it would depend on several factors in the process of game development, which may end up being changed, archived, or worst, removed.

Focus of the updates

Supercell said that the development team is currently working on to improve the achievements, the ‘Hammerman attacks you event,’ some systems to encourage gaining VPs and make it worthwhile to do so, ability to see who has not done their operation attack, co-leader rank, and new prototype weapon.

It would be interesting to note that the idea of improving some systems is aimed at better matchmaking process that would benefit from a player-wide consensus to gain VPs.

While the update that Supercell is working on looks too limited at this point, the development team also reported that they are also thinking about working on more things ahead including encouraging more variety in player base layouts, being able to chose whether player home base is snow, magma, or tropical, different things for task forces to do, shock mine, fragment crafting queen, increasing the damage amplifier radius, making task force requirement better within the game, HQ 21, player profile and more.

It looks like Supercell has plenty of plans ahead for “Boom Beach” which would surely make the strategy game ever interesting and entertaining and keep its avid gamers hooked for a long, long time.

A continuously evolving game

Supercell always strives to ensure that “Boom Beach” continuously evolve to give its millions of gamers user-friendly and fun online experience.

In addition to regular updates to address bugs and issues, Supercell never misses a beat in providing new challenges to keep gamer interests on a high.

While “Boom Beach” may not be as popular as “Clash of Clans,” Supercell makes sure that it keeps gamer excitement at its peak most of the time by infusing new dimensions to the epic combat strategy game.

The developer describes “Boom Beach” as a game where players’ brain and their troops’ brawn fight against the evil Blackguard. The mission is to attack bases to free enslaved islanders or create a task force with friends and other players to take on the enemy together.

boom beach

The fun part is that players can wage the battle against the enemy while exploring and unlocking secrets of the beautiful archipelago. In fact, the objective of the game is to scout, plan, and boom the beach.

Gamers of “Boom Beach” are encouraged to storm the beach and win the day. Gamers can take the expeditionary force to beautiful paradises invaded by the enemy by fighting for every beachhead, and freeing enslaved islanders while exploring the uncharted game location.

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  1. Hi people I want to know that you people should give pictures in sometime as fast as you can and show what are the new updated things
    Secondly new troops should be in the game like SNIPER , big place of the game should be there, jet fightres or bombers in plane should be there and my last request that walls should also be there I will be thankfull that you people should read it and notice Thank you

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