The Winds of Winter Likely Completion and Release in 2017 Within George R.R. Martin’s Schedule, And More!

In order to assuage fans and readers that his book would offer something new from the TV series or vice versa, he said that the show will take different routes than his last two books, as if to tell fans that they can finish the TV series ahead and still buy the books after because there will still be plenty of stories that were not told at all on the small screen.

Meanwhile, Diana Gabaldon, author of the “Outlander” book series which has a TV adaptation on Starz, recently took an indirect swipe at George R.R. Martin.

Gabaldon’s dig at Martin has something to do with the delay in the release of the sixth book of the series “The Winds of Winter” and that its corresponding TV show is already about to overtake the novel.

Readers and fans of the “Outlander” book series were concerned that there might come a point in time in the future that the TV series might outpace the books, which is what is about to happen with “The Winds of Winter” and “Game of Thrones.”

During a panel discussion at the recent Television Critics Association, Gabaldon categorically stated that it would never happen in the case of “Outlander” because, unlike George, she writes no matter where she is or whatever she is doing.

The crowd responded with ‘oohs’ and laughter, indicating that they clearly understood the casual swipe that Gabaldon took on Martin.


  1. Is this guy serious. Why did it take hime 7 years to write the first three but 7 years ti write just one. I think its irresponisble to the show as wella s the fans. Theres nonresson why he should take on so many other projects before finishing this one

    1. Not 7 years, if it shall be released in 2017 it would be 6 years, as well as it took 6 years to write A Dance With Dragons.

  2. Why didnt he finish tWoW before writing The Tales of Dunc n Egg or The Dance of the Dragons all these novellas that could have waited. Its disrespectful to his fans to take on other projects like the afformentioned and Vinyl and The Skin Game. Just get on with the damn book For F Sake.

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