Samsung Galaxy S7 News Possibly Coming Soon as Device Reportedly Passes Certification in Indonesia!

As much as tech companies may try to hide their progress on important projects, it’s very difficult to conceal certain aspects of the development of a piece of technology like a smartphone. Official certifications are a common source of leaks for smartphone manufacturers, and there’s a reason why so many people keep an eye on the publicly available information from the various certification agencies around the world.

Samsung’s Galaxy S7 is undoubtedly one of the most speculated devices on the market, and there is a lot of interest in the progress of the company on this front, but very little information at the same time. Samsung love to stay quiet about these projects until they are close to completion, and it looks like we might be getting some news soon as the device has reportedly passed certification in Indonesia. Not only that, but at least one other mobile device accompanied the request for the Galaxy S7 as well, making 2016 a potentially very interesting year for fans of the company.

Of course, it’s worth keeping in mind that these certifications are not 100% confirmed – or rather, the device in question isn’t. Since we only have the model number available, it’s possible that it refers to another phone coming to the market soon, although there haven’t been any rumors about other developments by Samsung so that’s not very likely. The models in question are called SM-G930FD and SM-935FD, and the main theory right now is that these are the Galaxy S7 Dual-SIM and the Galaxy S7 Edge Dual-SIM, although this remains to be confirmed.

And as can be expected, despite the fact that we don’t actually have an official confirmation yet, fans of Samsung have already started speculating wildly about the upcoming devices and are bringing forward various theories about what they might offer and when exactly we could see them on the market. There are various opinions that Samsung might push for an earlier release this year, although there are no serious indications for that right now.

There are also rumors that this is not the Galaxy S7 (and S7 Edge), but rather local market devices specifically targeted for Indonesia. Once again, this is possible but not very likely at the moment given past trends in certification, not just for Samsung but other companies as well. The manufacturer has a certain system for doing their important developments, and they have been mostly keeping to it in the past.

What will the phones offer if they really are coming? There have been various reports about potential new features, including large, detailed displays and an iris scanner for added security. This, combined with powerful internal components, should make for a very attractive pair of devices and definitely something that Samsung’s fans might be interested in. The company has been maintaining strong momentum on the market over the last few years, and they can definitely benefit from a few more solid releases.

samsung galaxy s7

We’ll have to wait and see what they are actually planning though, and for now we don’t have any news from Samsung themselves regarding these potential releases. The company’s silence can also be seen as reassuring in some ways though, as it could mean that they are not planning to make any serious changes to the core ideas behind the device line, so we should expect the same familiar design with a new coat of paint and new interesting features to play around with.

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