Jennifer Lopez Brings the House Down in the Debut Performance of Her Las Vegas Residency, And More Details!

When Jennifer Lopez previously said that she will give her all during her Las Vegas residency at Planet Hollywood, she was not hyping the obvious. Neither was she bluffing or making a tall tale. Apparently, it was a promise and during her debut performance at the Axis Theater of Planet Hollywood on January 22, JLo delivered on her promise, big time.

Jennifer Lopez announced to the sold-out crowd at the Las Vegas venue that there is a new girl in town and she really brought the house down with her dazzling two-hour performance.

Given how she delivered superb entertainment in her Las Vegas debut, it seems like the statement or announcement from Lopez was more like a warning to other pop divas that have mounted or are planning to mount high-profile shows on the Strip, notes the Los Angeles Times.

Aptly-titled “All I Have,” which was named after her hit duet with LL Cool J, JLo delivered awe-inspiring production numbers that had the crowd mesmerized and officially making her as the it-girl among the city’s marquee performers including the likes of Celine Dion, Mariah Carey, and Britney Spears, all of whom she is sharing a venue with.

Setting a gold standard

JLo’s debut performance in Las Vegas has successfully set a new gold standard for pop star showcases on the Strip, which is also a tribute to the husband-and-wife team of Napoleon and Tabitha D’umo a.k.a. NappyTabs, who directed the show.

The production had enough razzle, dazzle, and pizzazz to light up the entire strip, all 335,000 Swarovski crystals adorning JLo’s Versace and designer costumes as well as the set pieces.

JLo obviously eclipsed her competitors with the tech-savvy show that featured lasers, pyro, stunning costumes, and sleek dancing.

The show kicked off on a high note with an ethereal, fairytale overture as a quartet of female dancers in showgirl regalia were suspended above the stage.

Clad in a sparkly bodysuit adorned with a crystal-encrusted bra and bikini bottoms and a white feathered robe, Lopez belted her debut single “If You Had My Love,” her first chart-topping hit in her music career.

The production cost was reportedly pegged at $10 million and it seems worth it as it merged Hollywood glitz and glamor, classic Vegas revue, Broadway pomp, and arena spectacle with the showmanship, sex appeal, and genre-hopping that has made Jennifer Lopez a superstar.

Born to do it and cannot be stopped

At the top of her two-hour show, Jennifer Lopez was quoted as saying to the audience that she was born to do this.

During her tireless performance, everyone believed that she meant every word she said.

She really looked effortless in most of her numbers, that even at the end of the show, she still does not look tired.

But TMZ saw it in a different context when she took her final bow and had her booty escaped, or partly showed. It was hardly noticeable but the gossip site pointed it out and described that JLo’s behind was just gasping for air after her great performance.

But it was clear that JLo did another great performance and it seems that audiences will troop to Planet Hollywood every time she makes her encore performance beginning in the next few weeks.

jennifer lopez

Last month, Jennifer Lopez celebrated Christmas Day in the best way she knows how – by spending it with people closest to her heart.

In addition to her seven-year-old twins Max and Emme, JLo asked her mother Guadalupe and boyfriend Casper Smart to come over their house and they had a fun and meaningful Christmas among themselves.

Showing proof of the fun time they had on Christmas Day, Jennifer Lopez even shared on her Instagram a Christmas selfie that featured herself, her mom Guadalupe, and Casper Smart beside their Christmas tree.

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