‘The Walking Dead’ Season 6 Fans Promise to Riot if Showrunners Kill off Daryl Dixon!

After what happened during the Season 6 fall finale of “The Walking Dead” where the zombie walkers finally broke through the walls of Alexandria, it is expected that Rick and company will make the place another no man’s land when the popular show returns on Valentine’s Day.

But it will not come without the usual thrills and suspense and if spoilers and leaks are accurate, there will also be a Valentine’s Day massacre when “The Walking Dead” returns for its midseason premiere.

It can be recalled that during the fall finale of Season 6 of “The Walking Dead,” it showed Rick, Carl, Michonne, Judith, Jessie, Ron, Sam, and Father Gabriel trying to blend in with a horde of walkers.

But Sam started to panic and called out his mother, which will have major consequences. That also left the show with a huge cliffhanger when it returns on February 14 for its episode 9.

Reports have it that it would be a shocker if everyone would make it out of the horde of walkers alive or unscathed. Based on the comics, it will be Carl who will bear the brunt of the consequence.

Chaos would ensue and the walkers would recognize the humans among them but Deanna would try to distract the walkers. Jessie will be killed and Carl would be shot in the eye in the process and he would fall into a coma.

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