‘Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice’ Superhero Characters Get a Barbie Doll Treatment from Mattel!

It’s not difficult to imagine a Wonder Woman Barbie doll, but it would be interesting how toymaker Mattel would do it with the other superhero characters of the upcoming Warner Bros movie based on DC Comics, “Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice.”

Just imagine Superman, Batman, the Flash, Aquaman, and Cyborg getting a Barbie doll treatment and one would certainly run into a lot of funny things on their minds.

As part of the promotions for the upcoming superhero movie due to hit worldwide theaters on March 25, Warner Bros and Mattel have forged a collaboration of sort.

It was actually Mattel which announced as early as the San Diego ComicCon in July last year that it would be launching a line of Barbie dolls based on “Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice.”

Fans and critics of the upcoming movie believe that the Mattel dolls are sure to be a big seller and young children can now get a taste of the Barbie dolls first hand as the toy company just released to toy store shelves the Wonder Woman and the Caped Crusader with the Barbie doll treatment, notes Movieweb.

The dolls can also be availed online via Amazon but those who intend to do so should be prepared to shell out a substantial amount because the toys come with a high price.

More merchandise

But the toy products from Mattel are not the only toys and merchandise that have already been released based on “Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice” as there are already action figures, coffee mugs, T-shirts, and even life-sized armored Batman.

It is expected that the merchandise items would increase further in the next two months and even after the movie is shown and all these only indicate that Warner Bros have an epic blockbuster on its hands.

The items are all unique keepsakes that will be sought out by kids and collectors alike.

For the collectors, the life-sized version of the Caped Crusader is quite accurate because it was based on the movie itself. It is also decked out in realistic armor. It also features light-up eyes as seen in the trailers and photos released for “Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice” thus far.

Secret role

Meanwhile, Scoot McNairy will have a role in the upcoming superhero movie but nobody exactly knows what it would be. He was initially rumored to take on the role of The Flash, Metallo, and Jimmy Olsen, but none of those were true, notes Screen Crush.

What is clear at this point is that the actor will not be playing any major Justice League character. Based on the latest spoiler, McNairy’s wheelchair-bound character will be brought in to testify against Superman in the US Senate.

The same spoiler also added that he will become a victim of Lex Luthor’s campaign to smear the reputation of the Man of Steel. In fact, Luthor will reportedly turn McNairy’s character in the film into a human bomb of sorts, radicalizing him, in an attempt to get him close to Superman and destroy the Man of Steel.

Given its high potential for a blockbuster success when it finally hits global theaters on March 25, 2016, “Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice” is already loaded in terms of cast members, great characters, and very interesting storylines.

The movie will get another extra boost in terms of popularity with the millions of fans of “The Walking Dead,” arguably the most popular post-apocalyptic survival horror drama TV series on the small screen today, as it just recently revealed that two cast members from the show’s Season 6 will have cameo roles in the film.

batman vs superman

Apparently, Lauren Cohan, who plays the fan-favorite character Maggie in “The Walking Dead” will be in “Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice” and she will take on the role of Martha Wayne, the mother of Bruce Wayne, to be played by Ben Affleck.

As if to complete “The Walking Dead” Season 6 mix, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who plays Negan of The Saviors in the popular TV series, shall also be in the film to take on the role of the husband of Martha and father of Bruce, Thomas.

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