‘Pokemon Z’ Unlikely to be Released this Month; But Game is Definitely Coming Alongside Pokemon Go

In December last year, rumors started swirling that the upcoming role-playing game “Pokemon Z” would come out in February this year and that, it would also come with the mobile augmented reality game “Pokemon Go.”

Both games are to be developed by Game Freak for The Pokemon Company. “Pokemon Z” will be released on the Nintendo gaming consoles while “Pokemon Go” is intended for mobile devices.

With the onset of February, it seems unlikely that “Pokemon Z” or “Pokemon Go” would come out this month unless Game Freak pulls off a major surprise in the next few days or weeks.

What seems clear at this point is that both games will come out this year since 2016 actually marks the 20th anniversary of the “Pokemon” franchise.

The rumors about the release date of the “Pokemon Z” and “Pokemon Go” were based on the CoroCoro Japanese gaming magazine which actually featured both games on its pages in December last year, and then again during its January 2016 issue, notes Yibada.

Another “Pokemon” game

Many fans and gamers of “Pokemon” are pinning their hopes that “Pokemon Z” would come out during the first quarter of 2016.

In addition to “Pokemon Z,” there are still plenty of Pokemon-related content that they can be excited with including the release date of the original Red and Blue version of the game on February 27, 2016.

Nintendo is also releasing special 3DS bundles designed after the pioneer titles as well as Yellow version themed 3DS also on that day.

Meanwhile, users of the Nintendo Wii U can also look forward to the “Pokken Tournament,” a fighting spin-off from Tekken creators Namco Bandai.

In addition to “Pokemon Go,” “Pokemon Shuffle” shall also be released pretty soon although no release date has been mentioned.

Fans and gamers of the “Pokemon” video game franchise were anticipating that an official announcement on the release date of “Pokemon Z” and “Pokemon Go” will be made on the December issue of the Japanese gaming magazine CoroCoro.

Unfortunately, there was no announcement at all from game developer Game Freak about “Pokemon Z” and “Pokemon Go” on that issue of the magazine.

Instead, what fans and gamers read were more about the mysterious new Pokemon named Zygarde, which based on previous reports is a combination of Xerneas and Yveltal from “Pokemon X and Y.”

In addition to being the central character of “Pokemon Z,” Zygarde shall reportedly make an appearance as well on “Pokemon X and Y.”

Based on the information about the new Pokemon in CoroCoro magazine, Zygarde is a very powerful Pokemon with five different forms including his Cell form, his Core form, his 10 percent form, his 50 percent form, and his complete form, notes Crossmap.

Comparing Zygarde’s different forms, the only thing that made his complete form stand out from his other forms is the fact that it had two different colors of red and blue on its wings. That is, in fact, the reason why some Pokemon fans have speculated that Zygarde is actually a product of two different Zygardes, a red one and a blue one. Or that Zygarde is actually a fusion of two creatures.

pokemon z

A “Pokemon” wearable device

There have been reports that “Pokemon Go” would be released as a free download from the App Stores and that it would have an initial price before it gets released.

“Pokemon Go” is a location-based reality game which involves the gamers going to real-life places to find certain things. According to rumors, it will be hard to locate a Pokemon Gym in “Pokemon Go” and that those who live around the water shall also be able to find a water-based Pokemon.

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