‘The Vampire Diaries’ Season 8 Finale to Feature the Epic Return of Katherine Pierce; Damon Sets Up the Wedding of Stefan and Caroline as Bait!

“The Vampire Diaries” series finale is coming closer to its end, and fans are surely anticipating the much-awaited return of Nina Dobrev to finally wrap up Elena Gilbert’s open-ended storyline.

But it looks like Dobrev will have a tough comeback on the show as the latest episode confirmed the possible return of her other character, Katherine Pierce.

The latest episode ended with an ultimate teaser that left the Mystic Falls gang greatly shock. It also hinted the possible return of Katherine Pierce to exact her revenge.

As seen at the end of the episode, Kai has all along been lying to Damon and Stefan that killing Cade would destroy the place of hell and everyone they love would be saved.

However, Kai revealed to Bonnie that after killing Cade, danger still looms as hell will continue to exist with a new ruler who holds the key to it.

Now that Bonnie has her power back, she was able to ask Damon to confirm if they both share the same thoughts about someone from their past who is about to make a return and take over the place of the deceased Cade.

Known for her vengeful motives without anyone knowing, it is confirmed that Katherine Pierce will have a huge part in the final episode of “The Vampire Diaries” Season 8 and the TV series as a whole.

Katherine Pierce was last seen in Season 5 Episode 15 where she gave her final speech of goodbye for each character she had inflicted pain unto especially Stefan and Damon whom she both taught how to fall crazy in love with her.

The episode also marked her death in the hands of the one she truly fell in love with, Stefan, after making her final kiss with the younger Salvatore.

Now with two more episodes left, Mystic Falls is once again in grave danger and it looks like it will lead to an epic ending, knowing that Katherine is going to go out to seek her revenge on the gang.

A new promo clip of the next episode features Damon planning to set up bait to lure Katherine from hiding.

Damon is seen convincing his friends to put up a wedding for Stefan and Caroline because it is the only way to make Katherine appear in Mystic Falls again.

It can be remembered that Katherine has long been madly in love and obsessed with Stefan that she would go and kill anyone who makes him happy, and that included Stefan’s ex-love Elena. But now, Caroline is on her kill list.

The teaser shows a woman with the same image of Katherine doing a killing spree ending the promo clip with her putting a gasoline on the fireplace inside the Salvatore’s old house.

Caroline was seen being shaken by the ensuing house explosion and it left the fans wondering if she might be the one who would not be able to make it alive to the final episode aside from speculations that Stefan and Bonnie could also die.

From the looks of it, Katherine is really on-target to make her revenge perhaps starting with Stefan’s ultimate love, Caroline.

There are reports saying that Katherine will be making a surprise appearance at Stefan and Caroline’s wedding.

To add more fuel to the fire, Caroline is seen in the promo clip wearing Katherine’s necklace on her wedding day.

Many fans speculated that Katherine is going to use her hell powers to get her revenge on Stefan and Damon and anyone else who had done wrong against her.

But recent promotional photos in this week’s episode titled “We’re Planning a June Wedding” revealed that it’s a new female character who will likely be doing such risky task against Stefan and Caroline during their wedding day.

Fans speculate that she might be under Katherine’s control trying to prep up for her master’s epic return.

Since the series is now coming to an end, fans are appreciating the fact that Stefan and Damon have a stronger brotherly bond and love for each other now despite their unending fights that began from a conflicted love triangle with the girl they both fell in love with for over centuries ago.

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