UberHire Allows Passengers to Hire an Uber for a Block Time Up to a Maximum of 12 Hours Instead of a Single Ride!

The success of Uber on a global scale has prompted the tech company to venture into something new, which is basically a limited car rental service.

Officially called as UberHire, it lets passengers hire an Uber for a block time up to a maximum of 12 hours instead of a single ride typical with Uber. In addition, it simply lets the passenger pay one flat fee for unlimited destinations, reports C/Net.

It should be noted however that UberHire is only available in India for the time being. It has rolled out early last month in nine Indian cities including Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai, Nagpur, New Delhi, Kochi, Pune, and Visakhapatnam.

The passenger can use the Uber for a maximum of 12 hours but fare prices will vary from city to city, according to local law.

The main difference between UberHire and car rental services is the fact that UberHire lets the user keep the vehicle and the driver for a maximum of 12 hours only whereas in car rental service, the user can use the vehicle for more than a month to as little as one full day.

Car rental services also allow users to self-drive the vehicles and that is not the case with UberHire as it has a roster of drivers to drive the passenger or passengers wherever they prefer to go.

Perfect for travel

In an official statement, Uber said that UberHire is perfect for travelers exploring a new city, senior citizens who need to make trips punctuated with multiple stop overs, or for business travelers who have multiple meetings.

Ride-hailing services such as Uber and Lyft have experienced meteoric rises worldwide in less than a decade.

They began as app-based alternatives to taxis but have experimented with other services such as food delivery.

Uber’s Indian rival, Ola, has offered a similar personal-driver service since last year, but Uber has ambitions beyond playing catchup to its local competitor.

The company has also revealed recently a seemingly fantastical plan to get flying cars onto the air in the near future.

Time-based offering

UberHire is a time-based offering that allows users to make trips punctuated with multiple stop overs.

After a successful pilot run in Kochi, UberHire, which is considered another India-first innovation, have gone live early last month in nine Indian cities with more cities slated for launch in the weeks to come.

Uber’s local rival Ola had launched a similar service ‘Rentals’ last year, which is available in 85 Indian cities.

Under UberHire, users can hold their Uber cab for up to 12 hours. The minimum fare ranges between RS 449-649 for up to 2 hours or up to 30 kilometers, post which they will be charged at RS 2 per minute and RS 12 per kilometer.

While dynamic pricing will not apply, pricing and cancellation charges might vary from city to city, the company explained.

At the moment, UberHire service is available on cash payment, point out the Times of India.

Uber says that its technology makes it possible for them to create specialized solutions that can help users have access to reliable transportation at affordable prices.

It said that UberHire is one such product that addresses the unique commuting needs of riders in India, especially that of tourists, business travelers, senior citizens, and working professionals.

According to Apurva Dalal, Uber India head of engineering, when they set out, Uber was designed to be an efficient and affordable way to get from point A to point B, almost anywhere in the world.

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