The Vampire Diaries Season 7 to Focus on Caroline’s Love Story with Stefan and More

Many of the loyal fans of the American supernatural drama TV series “The Vampire Diaries” say that without Nina Dobrev and her Elena Gilbert character, the show would never be the same again.

That is technically and partly correct but according to executive producer Kevin Williamson, there are a lot of stories to tell in the series. In a recent interview during the recently held ATX Television Festival earlier this month, Williamson said that there is a lot of great, emotional, tear-jerking, epic, scary, and thrilling stories to tell for Season 7 of “The Vampire Diaries,” reports the International Business Times.

Julie Plec, the other executive producer of the show, disclosed that Season 7 of the series will focus on Caroline, played by Candice Accola, and her love story with Stefan Salvatore, played by Paul Wesley.

She says that Caroline never really had the best of luck. Everyone realized that here’s a girl who’s trying so hard to matter and she’s overdoing and overcompensating it. So what they’ve done to Caroline is to set her up that by the end of her run as a character, she will be the one that gets to be picked first.

When fans last saw the couple, Caroline was saying that she was not yet ready to commit to a relationship with Stefan. But Stefan has declared his love to her and said he would be willing to wait for her. And it looks like Stefan would finally get the nod of Caroline in Season 7 of “The Vampire Diaries.”

Season 7 premiere

Plec also added that the departure of Elena Gilbert has open doors for many other characters in Season 7 of “The Vampire Diaries.” As Damon Salvatore, played by Ian Somerhalder, is Elena’s love interest, it really means that his character would have to go back to the sweet Damon that fans have known in Seasons 1 and 2, where everyone fell in love with him, notes Entertainment Weekly.

It has also been hinted that Damon won’t be able to handle Elena’s absence that fans should expect darker stories in Season 7, which is described by Ian Somerhalder as awesome dark, edgy, volatile, and all the stuff that fans love about the series.

Season 7 of “The Vampire Diaries” would premiere on The CW on Thursday, October 8 at 8 pm. But instead of being followed by “Reign,” its spinoff series “The Originals” will air afterward making it back-to-back for the producers of the two shows.

Missing the show

With a barrage of information, rumors or otherwise, regarding the upcoming plotlines of Season 7 of “The Vampire Diaries” in the internet, it sure had fans getting thrilled and excited, with most of them almost forgetting that Nina Dobrev is all gone from the show.

The Vampire Diaries Season 7

Apparently, Nina Dobrev feels sorry that she is longer part of the show although she did not say that she wanted to come back and reprise her Elena Gilbert character once again.

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