‘The Temple of Doom Cannons’ Update Rolls Out to ‘Boom Beach’

The latest update to the freemium mobile strategy video game for iOS and Android devices “Boom Beach” has just rolled out on May 6.

Officially titled “The Temple of Doom Cannons,” the updates came with lots of new graphics and tons of bug fixes and gave gamers and enthusiasts of the popular “Boom Beach” more things to chew on and explore in the mobile device video game.

The updates also brought along new enemy for gamers to tear down her war factories and look for more prototype modules. Of course, there is still the traditional enemy in Hammerman. “The Temple of Doom Cannons” also came with daily events that start from 6 in the morning to 3 am the following day.

There are also tons of stuff for gamers to explore and do including the prototype weapons lab, sea and land turtles, and two new super-challenging operations. Gamers can now assemble experimental and unstable prototype defences as well as distract and destroy critters with new Gunboat ability, notes the Supercell Forum.

Improvements and changes

Game developer Supercell also brought significant improvements and changes to “Boom Beach” with its latest update.

In addition to providing the game with Arabic language support and better AI pathfinding, players now has the option to do name change, watch attack replays from the revamped activity log, retreat confirmation, rearrange base easily by swapping building positions, drag and drop landing crafts to switch their order, check the operations stats of the Task Force, and leave a friendly note when delisting someone from the Task Force.

Changes meanwhile include the reduction of the Ice Statue boost from 10 hours to 8 hours, damage increase in flamethrower and scorcher burns, the VP reward boat now comes every 6 in the morning simultaneous with the start of the day’s event, and reduced camera shake from the Grenadier’s explosions.

The update was kind of expected which is typical for the launching of a popular mobile video game so that developers get to impose their will a bit on gamers and also indirectly inform them that they are serving their needs.

Impressive strategy game

A strategy game that combines attacks on other players with attacks against computer-based bases, “Boom Beach” is set in a tropical archipelago with the player situated on an island with deferences and troops.

The gameplay is somewhat similar to Supercell’s equally popular mobile video game, “Clash of Clans.”

Players can build their base, upgraded their defences, put up buildings, and unlock troop upgrades. The game also includes a single player campaign and the ability to attack other players in a multiplayer mode.

boom beach

Indicating how impressive and widely received “Boom Beach” has become among mobile video gamers, it is actually a Top 10 game in 22 countries when it was launched in March last year.

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