The Following Season 4 Was a Goner when the TV Series Killed Off James Purefoy’s Joe Caroll Character, More Details!

Apparently, the TV series was merely a last-minute arrangement between Fox and Netflix so most fans believed that “The Following” Season 3 could be streamed on Netflix during the fall of last year.

However, since there is no fourth season for the TV series, there was also no pressure for Netflix to release its Season 3 to its consumers.

It is standard operating procedure for a network or content creator to release its previous year’s content just before the new season, in order to serve as a promotion tool. But since “The Following” has already been cancelled, both the network and Netflix are no longer obligated to do the same.

Reports have it that Fox decided to cancel the show because of falling ratings. Although “The Following” has a loyal viewer base particularly in the 18-49 years old viewer demographics, the competition was just too much in the same timeslot that some of the viewers wandered off to the other shows.

As a result, “The Following” suffered a significant decline in the ratings, particularly during its Season 3 that aired last year until May 18.

Created by Kevin Williamson, “The Following” was a breakout hit when it premiered its Season 1 early in 2013. In fact, the show finished the 2012-13 TV season as the highest rated new broadcast series among adults.

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