‘Narcos’ Season 2 Set to Premiere in August; Upcoming Season Rumored to be the Last for the Netflix Hit Series

Fans of the crime thriller drama TV series “Narcos” were finally informed when the sophomore season of their favorite show will premiere.

According to Youth Health Mag, Season 2’s premiere will happen in August although there hasn’t been a specific date yet. The show was renewed for a second season in September last year, just one month after its Season 1 premiere.

The first season of “Narcos” also premiered in August last year, but fans were initially worried that the filming and the premiere date of the second season will be delayed due to Adam Fiero’s departure as showrunner.

Reports say that filming for the crime drama TV series has already commenced in Bogota, Colombia, but Fiero’s sudden departure has left some difficulties in the production.

Fiero, the man behind shows like “The Walking Dead” and “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” was a replacement for Season 1 showrunner, Chris Brancato, when the latter, who was one of the original creators of the show, left the pilot season midway through production.

As of now, no one has taken Fiero’s post yet and it looks like the producers have no intention to find a replacement. Jose Padilha and Eric Newman will pinch hit as the show’s executive producers with Padilha doubling as the show’s director.

As for the upcoming season, reports say that the storyline is rather delicate compared to the first season. Season 1 spanned almost two decades into Pablo Escobar’s life. Reports have noted that the second season will basically be a countdown towards his final days.

iDigitalTimes also notes that the upcoming season could have a slower pace compared to its previous run.

Season 2 has pretty much sealed the fate for Wagner Moura’s character. Executive producer Eric Newman has confirmed that the Columbian drug lord will meet his demise during the second season.

Newman states that the first season already tackled 15 years of Escobar’s life and by the second season, he only has 18 months to live.

Newman says that it is a fact no one can change and adds that if they stretch it out to another season, it would be a smart move.

Historically, after Escobar’s escape in prison in the summer of 1992, the drug lord did have more or less a year and a half to live.

Reports say that fans will get to see the end of the drug lord’s life and that it will pave the way for the series to shift the focus on other drug kingpins that rose to power after Escobar’s death in 1993.

There is no official synopsis yet for the second season of “Narcos” given that there are about six months to go before its premiere, but some fans speculate that Boyd Holbrook’s Steve Murphy will have an equally challenging role in Season 2.

Reports say that the DEA agent will amp up his mission to bring down Escobar and put an end to the Medellin cartel.

A certain report noted that another possible storyline after Escobar’s death might be Colombia’s ongoing battle with Colombia’s drug cartel, especially the Cali Cartel.

Newman adds that if they have their way, they would try their best to keep Moura on the show longer, but his character has to meet his end already. Newman says that there are a lot of stories that continue beyond the life and trials of Pablo.

Wagner’s portrayal of the Columbian drug lord has been met with wide recognition and acclaim. Moura, a Brazilian native, had to learn Spanish for his role.

narcos season 2

There are reports saying that after his demise, Moura will still remain a series regular and will be seen through flashbacks, but Newman said that Escobar’s story will end in Season 2, one way or another.

Speaking to Slash Film, Newman also opened up possibilities of tackling into the Guatemalan civil war or even the rise of cartel crimes in Mexico for the show’s new storylines.

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