‘Pokemon Z’ Unlikely to be Released This Year, Latest Speculations Now Say!

This would come as a big heartbreaker for many of “Pokemon” gamers considering that the reports since late last year all indicated that the upcoming role-playing game, “Pokemon Z,” will be released this year.

In fact, the reports were even saying that the successor to “Pokemon X and Y” will come out this February, if not the first quarter of 2016.

However, latest reports are now saying that “Pokemon Z” is unlikely to come out this year because the game is still under development. But since developer Game Freak, a subsidiary of The Pokemon Company, has yet to confirm whether the game will come out this year or not, everything at this point remains as speculation.

But according to the Parent Herald, the development of “Pokemon Z” is still at its early stages at this time so it is nearly impossible for Game Freak to be able to release the game to the Nintendo gaming consoles anytime soon.

Some gamers believe that the latest reports do not jibe with the promotions recently made by Game Freak and the Pokemon Company International about “Pokemon Z.” In fact, a full-length feature on “Pokemon Z” was published by the Japanese gaming magazine CoroCoro in its December 2015 issue where it showed all the five forms of Zygarde and how he appears to be a fusion of two legendary characters of “Pokemon X and Y,” Xerneas and Yveltal.

Based on the same article, Zygarde was described as one of the legendary Pokemon that possesses a dual type of character and traits such as the Dragon and Ground Creator. He is expected to be the main element of “Pokemon Z,” details Crossmap.

Right on schedule

According to the latest reports, while “Pokemon Z” may not come out this year, the mobile augmented reality game “Pokemon Go” is already good to go and it is likely to be the game that shall come out either this month or during the first quarter of 2016.

Game developer Niantic has almost confirmed the release of “Pokemon Go” when it posted on its website that Niantic CEO John Hanke will soon be discussing more details about “Pokemon Go” and how they developed the mobile augmented reality game to get would-be trainers into the outdoors.

Niantic has been known for putting something new in the gaming community and “Pokemon Go” will be its latest offering that is expected to shake up the industry yet again.

In fact, the company stated in its website that over the last three years, it has been defining the genre of real-world gaming using smartphones and tablets to connect the digital world to the physical world.

It added that its upcoming game “Pokemon Go” ups the challenge of the real-world gaming design, taking the beloved franchise and setting its hundreds of brightly-colored monsters loose across the globe, adding a new Bluetooth wearable device to the mix that was created by Nintendo.

“Pokemon Go” is a real-world, real-time game, wherein players can capture Pokemons in the outdoors using an optional wearable device called the “Pokemon Go Plus.” The device can be worn on the wrist and players will be able to use it to capture Pokemons.

Upon its official release, “Pokemon Go” will be downloadable from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store for free.

Hard to locate a Pokemon Gym

pokemon z

As a location-based reality game, “Pokemon Go” will make gamers go to real-life places to find certain things. According to rumors, it will be hard to locate a Pokemon Gym in “Pokemon Go” and that those who live around the water shall also be able to find a water-based Pokemon.

There shall also be a system of exchange for those who want to find more, but there could also be a Pokemon market within “Pokemon Go” so players can just buy the Pokemon or accessories that they want with real money or some in-game token economy.

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