‘Pokemon Z’ Unlikely to be Released This Year, Latest Speculations Now Say!

The release of the “Pokemon Go” would really perk up the anniversary of the franchise, as it is a very ambitious game. Previous reports say that it would actually come out along with “Pokemon Z” so with the latest reports that the role-playing game would not be released this year, it somehow lessened the excitement and enthusiasm of gamers, particularly those who prefer playing on their Nintendo gaming consoles.

“Pokemon Go” was announced in December last year and it was already reported then that the smartphones and tablets that shall take on the mobile game app will be actually be connected to a wearable device, which was only referred to as of late as the “Pokemon Go Plus.”

2016 is actually considered as the Year of the Pokemon which is why The Pokemon Company planned a lot of things for Pokemon fans this year.

Those gamers who are playing “Pokemon X and Y” will be able to avail of Mythical Pokemon distributions. Those playing “Pokemon TCG: Generations,” a special expansion pack will be released called the Mythical Pokemon Collections.

A digitally remastered version of “Pokemon: The First Movie,” and “Pokemon, The Movie 2000,” and “Pokemon 3 The Movie” will also be released this year as part of the celebration of the franchise’s 20th year.

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