‘The Expendables 4’ Latest Casting Rumors Now Include John Cusack!

The action star, who is also good at doing comedy, says that he considers Stallone as his dad so whatever the veteran action star says he needs to do, he will do it. So if Sly says he is out, then he does not see himself doing it at all.

The former football player also said that Stallone has plenty of options at the moment after winning a Golden Globes award early this year and being nominated in the same category in the Academy Awards.

Crews also said that Stallone was really amazing in “Creed” because the movie showed his depth in acting because Sly is a lot deeper than people always give him credit for.

For all those doubting about the movie or the involvement of Stallone on it, Randy Couture has just confirmed through Twitter on March 9 that “The Expendables 4” will begin filming this coming fall.

It was actually The Arnold Fans Twitter handle who posted the announcement made by Randy Couture and even tagged Arnold Schwarzenegger in the post.

Other than Couture’s announcement, there has not been any official confirmation from Schwarzenegger and Stallone and the silence about “The Expendables 4” has long prevailed for some months now.

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