‘Avatar 2’ Promises to Be One of the Most Epic Films of All Time, Alludes Director James Cameron!

The push back in the release date of “Avatar 2” from December 2017 to a still undisclosed date may be a big issue to fans who have been waiting for the sequel to the most successful film in history. But it is not a big deal to critically-acclaimed director James Cameron.

For Cameron, the release date of the movie is not as important as its storyline, the film’s setting, and photography. The director is not the type who makes a big fuss about making it on time or beating deadlines. Because for him, coming up with a quality movie is what’s most important.

That has been his trademark and his success as a filmmaker is very obvious with “Avatar” and “Titanic” which happen to be the top two highest grossing movies of all time.

Success takes time and Cameron is obviously a patient worker, preferring to do things in his own timeline. So when 20th Century Fox recently removed “Avatar 2” from its December 2017 schedule, it becomes clear that the release date of the movie has been pushed back further. It is likely now that “Avatar 2” would come out in 2018. But there is no exact date or month yet in 2018 when it would possibly come out to global theaters.

Principal photography for “Avatar 2” will begin on April 15 in Manhattan Beach and in New Zealand and Cameron will be hands on in all parts of the movie. He will not only be working on just one sequel but three films in all as “Avatar 3” and “Avatar 4” will be filmed back-to-back-to-back.

The push back also guarantees that “Avatar 2” would come out even better and is expected to surpass all expectations because of Cameron’s emphasis on quality. In fact, he already alluded that “Avatar 2” promises to be one of the most epic films of all time, which was achieved also by its predecessor when it came out to theaters in 2009, notes Yibada.

In a recent interview, Cameron also said that each of the three Avatar sequels are stand-alone films and are connected by one larger story in the background which the director describes as the meta-narrative.

Focus on Jake and Neytiri

Cameron also confirmed that the storyline of “Avatar 2” shall focus on Jake Sully, played by Sam Worthington, and Zoe Saldana, as Princess Neytiri.

Now that Jake is already a full-fledged Na’vi, he and Neytiri will end up getting married and will have their own family.

Jake shall become the chief of the tribe while Neytiri shall become the priestess. Cameron also hinted that Jake and Neytiri will struggle in their relationship as they will be caught up in a series of battles between the Na’vi and the humans, details Breathecast.

The director also teased that the film shall also feature the adventures of Jake and Neytiri as they move beyond their lives in the forest to explore the water territories of Pandora. They will go underwater and meet new characters of their kind below the water.
No official release date

Since being taken off from the 2017 release schedule of 20th Century Fox last month, “Avatar 2” is now officially without a release date.

avatar 2

It remains to be seen whether the disappearance of “Avatar 2” from the release schedule of 20th Century Fox for next year was just temporary or for good measure.

Assuming that “Avatar 2” would not come out to theaters as planned on December 25 next year, it would sure douse cold water anew on the excitement of fans on the movie since its predecessor movie came out way back in 2009.

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