‘Avatar 2’ Promises to Be One of the Most Epic Films of All Time, Alludes Director James Cameron!

There are rumors going around lately that the reason why 20th Century Fox removed the December 25, 2017 playdate of “Avatar 2” is because it wanted to avoid a possible confrontation with “Star Wars 8,” which reportedly would have the same release date.
“Avatar 2” is vying to equal if not surpass the US$2.7 billion mark made at the box-office by “Avatar” in 2009. If the movie comes out exactly at the same time or just a week apart with “Star Wars 8,” “Avatar 2” would really be hardpressed to make more money at the box-office on its own.

It can be recalled that “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” is now the third all-time highest grossing movie next only to “Avatar” and “Titanic.” Disney Pictures would leave no stones unturned in ensuring that “Star Wars 8” would also be good and worthy of making it to the list of highest-grossing movies of all time.

Pitting the two heavyweights at the box-office at the same time or about the same time would surely take a toll on the box-office potentials of each movie and they would surely find it difficult to make it to the top while trying to outdo each other.

The decision of 20th Century Fox to remove “Avatar 2” from its second playdate of December 25, 2017 may be a sublime statement that it does not want to compete with a possible blockbuster in the box-office because it would only ruin the chances of the sequel to gun for the record of the original film.

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