‘The Blacklist’ Season 3 Finale Likely to Reveal the Real Connection Between Red and Liz!

The midseason premiere of “The Blacklist” went off to a rousing start for the New Year with a two-part episode titled “The Director” beginning with episode 9 that was aired on January 7.

Episode 9 saw Aram holding off the Director and saving the life of Liz Keen.

The episode was Aram’s big moment as he changed the code to Liz’s holding cell and also pulled a gun on the Director, played by David Strathairn, and held him off. Aram’s brave act was recognized by Red who told him that what prevented him from watching his friend die was not a sign of weakness but hope. Red also told Aram that he shall forever be indebted to him.

The ninth episode also saw Ressler, played by Diego Klattenhoff, and Tom Keen, played by Ryan Eggold, putting aside their differences for a bit and worked together to protect Karakurt, played by Andrew Divoff.

In so doing, they also made it possible for Cooper, played by Harry Lennix, to capture Mr. Solomon, played by Edi Gathegi. Still, amid all the efforts of Ressler and Tom, there is still no guarantee on the safety of Liz as The Cabal was still after her.

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