‘Graceland’ Was Cancelled by USA Network for Season 4 Because It Does Not Own the Series!

The Season 3 finale of the American crime drama TV series “Graceland” was aired on the USA Network on September 17, 2015.

Some two weeks later, the USA Network has confirmed the cancellation of the show’s fourth season despite Season 3 leaving a huge cliffhanger for fans and viewers.

Apart from the show’s poor ratings especially in the 18-49-year-old viewer demographics, the network has apparently decided to let the axe fall on “Graceland” because it does not own the TV series.

The move to cancel the series came after the network officials met with Fox 21 representatives where they discussed the future of the show. Fox 21 owns “Graceland.”

Apparently, the network did not see any justification for keeping “Graceland” on air because they do not even own it. It was the same thing that the USA Network did to other shows last year including “Complications,” “White Collar,” and “Burn Notice,” details the Latin Post.

The reason why USA Network had a meeting with representatives of Fox 21 is because the latter has been a major supplier of content on the former. With the cancellation of “Graceland,” Fox 21 only has “Queen of the South” TV series on the USA Network.

USA Network’s move may also be an indication that it is moving towards all original content or shows that are produced by the network.

Confident of a renewal

The show’s executive producer was actually confident of a Season 4 renewal for “Graceland” that is why he has intentionally included cliffhangers during the Season 3 finale, to give fans and viewers something to look forward to in the next season.

Apparently, he second-guessed the network wrong. The USA Network decided to look into the overall picture and saw that the figures were not as promising as it thought all along, thus making the tough decision on letting the axe fall on the TV series.

For a while, “Graceland” actually has enough creative juice flowing through it to keep the network happy. That gave fans and producers of the TV series the likely hope that Season 4 was on the horizon.

According to a source from the USA Network, “Graceland” was a great show in terms of creativity. It had a successful run for three seasons but the ratings did not justify bringing it back from a financial perspective.

Days after its Season 3 finale, hopes were actually high that “Graceland” will be renewed for Season 4 and it seems that showrunner Jeff Eastin was also quite confident of a renewal which is the reason why he left a huge cliffhanger at the close of Season 3.

False hopes

Unfortunately, those hopes proved to be false as the USA Network decided the fate of the show based on its commercial value. While “Graceland” did fairly well with an average of 1.7 million viewers every week, 784,000 of those viewers were from the highly sought-after adults segment, 18 to 49 years old demographic.


Season 3 of “Graceland” has averaged only 0.85 million total viewers per episode, which is a 32% decline compared to Season 2.

However, there have been TV series in the past that were not doing well in the rating game but when they got cancelled and revived by a different network, they did better. It would be interesting to find out if “Graceland” would be able to join the roster of such TV series.

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  1. I love this show and just finished watched the 3rd season on Netflix.

    So bummed that this show has been cancelled.
    What is wrong with theseveral bloody networks always cancelling GREAT shows?

    I hope Netflix or Hulu will revive it.

    I love the guy who plays Paul.
    He is one Hot mixed man.

    Phenomenal cast with great story line….

  2. Netflix really needs to pick this up! Easily a 5 star show, and it could only get better!!! A lot of people are trying on you Netflix!

  3. Love this show, hope another network will pick it up.Why does this keep happening to the good TV 📺 series.

  4. Why does this keep happening every time a good TV series comes on. Hope another network picks up Graceland.

  5. Bring it back its my favorite show now damn it don’t get rid of it like that and don’t be so damn stubborn about who owns it that’s shows what I call damn good television!!

  6. From 2013 – 2015, Graceland was the only TV show I looked forward to watch each summer. Summer of 2016 in late July-early Aug came around, I was so siked. The usual was I would watch the show online the day after it airs. I knew I had missed the first few episodes of the new season, so you can imagine how I felt when I saw the search results of Graceland Season 4 Episode 1 😢

  7. USA canceling Graceland was the final straw for me. I don’t watch anything they air anymore….they cancel every series. To me theres no point In watching them now. I know I’ll be let down.

  8. USA sucks for canceling this show! I found it on Netflix an fell in love! The network absolutely sucks for leaving the viewers so out to dry for not airing season 4

  9. Please bring back Graceland I have watched 3 seasons in 5 days that’s how awesome this show is me and my husband love and I mean love this show..what do I gotta do to get y’all to air season 4…

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