‘Graceland’ Was Cancelled by USA Network for Season 4 Because It Does Not Own the Series!

Leaving a huge cliffhanger during the Season 3 finale of “Graceland” is a big gamble on the part of the showrunner of the TV series because should the network does not decide to renew the show for a fourth season, and no other network or streaming service decides to rescue it from cancellation, he will only draw the frustration of the fans, the way it happened to “Constantine” on The CW, and “The Following” on Fox last year.

The Season 3 finale showed ICE Agent Dale Jakes, played by Brandon Jay McLaren, getting into a fight with FBI Agent Jose ‘Johnny’ Turturro, played by Manny Montana, and then taking the $9 million loot and leaves with Courtney, cites Release Date Info.

While it was not surprising, to say the least, Jake has apparently turned south. But it was not just Jake because soon after, Paul Briggs, played by Daniel Sunjata, urged Sean Logan, played by Lawrence Gilliard Jr., to sign a Homeland Security report to make sure that Martun Sarkissian, played by Peter Stormare, will rot in jail.

In doing so, Briggs needed to convince Mike Warren, played by Aaron Tveit, to sign the report as well even if he knew that it would be impossible. Nonetheless, Mike signed the report.

Briggs subsequently shoots Ari, played by Rhys Coiro, in the head to hide all the illegal and wrongful things they have been doing but still wants to continue doing. He had to because Ari was standing in the way.

Catherine ‘Charlie’ DeMarco, played by Vanessa Ferlito, and Paige Arkin, played by Serinda Swan, saw the shooting but merely acted as if nothing has happened.


  1. I love this show and just finished watched the 3rd season on Netflix.

    So bummed that this show has been cancelled.
    What is wrong with theseveral bloody networks always cancelling GREAT shows?

    I hope Netflix or Hulu will revive it.

    I love the guy who plays Paul.
    He is one Hot mixed man.

    Phenomenal cast with great story line….

  2. Netflix really needs to pick this up! Easily a 5 star show, and it could only get better!!! A lot of people are trying on you Netflix!

  3. Love this show, hope another network will pick it up.Why does this keep happening to the good TV 📺 series.

  4. Why does this keep happening every time a good TV series comes on. Hope another network picks up Graceland.

  5. Bring it back its my favorite show now damn it don’t get rid of it like that and don’t be so damn stubborn about who owns it that’s shows what I call damn good television!!

  6. From 2013 – 2015, Graceland was the only TV show I looked forward to watch each summer. Summer of 2016 in late July-early Aug came around, I was so siked. The usual was I would watch the show online the day after it airs. I knew I had missed the first few episodes of the new season, so you can imagine how I felt when I saw the search results of Graceland Season 4 Episode 1 😢

  7. USA canceling Graceland was the final straw for me. I don’t watch anything they air anymore….they cancel every series. To me theres no point In watching them now. I know I’ll be let down.

  8. USA sucks for canceling this show! I found it on Netflix an fell in love! The network absolutely sucks for leaving the viewers so out to dry for not airing season 4

  9. Please bring back Graceland I have watched 3 seasons in 5 days that’s how awesome this show is me and my husband love and I mean love this show..what do I gotta do to get y’all to air season 4…

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