The Big Bang Theory to Show Amy and Sheldon’s Reunion during Season 9? Let’s See

Because in the end, as important as he may be to the story, he’s not the only character in it, and now could be a good opportunity for the writers to explore the deeper sides of some of the other regulars we see on the screen.

We definitely expect that all characters will be given a bit more depth in season 9, all things considered, but mostly we expect the story to focus on Sheldon and Amy, and see both of them trying to get back on their feet after their breakup.

There might also be something major coming up related to Penny, another important character on the show – it might be revealed that she’s related to someone else on the show, but we don’t know who.

Her middle name is still unknown, but there have been some reports that it could be Barrington – this hasn’t been confirmed yet, and it could be one of the major points of the new season. Penny has been a fan favorite, and it would be good to see the producers focusing on her a little bit in the next episodes, especially if they add an extra air of mystery around her.

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