The Big Bang Theory to Show Amy and Sheldon’s Reunion during Season 9? Let’s See

What’s coming in season 9 of “The Big Bang Theory”? This question is on the minds of most fans of the show, especially after the dramatic and tense ending of season 8, which left the story with a very unexpected cliffhanger and has had fans at the edges of their seats ever since the season ended. Amy decided to break up with Sheldon, explaining to him that she can no longer see their relationship continuing, and she feels too pressured by the whole situation.

Sheldon didn’t seem to take the news very well, partially because he was planning to propose to her, which he revealed to a figurine afterwards. Of course, it’s only natural that he would be distraught as he was, as the news came out of nowhere for him, even though it looks like Amy has been thinking about this for a while and it’s been on her mind.

Of course, that’s how relationships work and in the end, someone always gets hurt. The two had a great thing going and they were one of the favorite couples on TV recently, so many fans have been hopeful that we would see them getting back together at some point.

For now though, we can’t say whether or not this is planned. The story can realistically go both ways, and the writers can even use the breakup to build up Sheldon’s character and make him even more mature and deep. Of course, if this is done at the expense of his happiness for some time, it’s going to change the dynamics of the show significantly and might not be a pleasant change for the fans.

One thing that is important to note is that a potential marriage proposal is apparently not the only possible interpretation for the ring that we saw at the end of season 8, as Mayim Bialik – who plays the role of Amy – wanted fans to remember that it was never explicitly stated that Sheldon was planning to propose to her.

And because of this, there could be different interpretations to the whole scene and it’s possible that Sheldon had something else on his mind. What exactly though, we have no idea – and we’re hoping that we would get to find out once season 9 rolls around.

Bialik also admitted that it’s possible for the show to go in many directions from here, and even she seems to have no idea what’s planned for the next episodes. It would be interesting to see Sheldon trying to find a new relationship and exploring himself more, but on the other hand it would be even better in the long run to see him getting back together with Amy, and the two of them building something truly amazing on top of what they already had.

It’s true that Sheldon might be a bit difficult as a boyfriend, but they both had their quirks in the relationship, and it looked like they were willing to look past each other’s problems in order to make the other happy. And that was working out very well for both of them for quite some time, but then Amy changed her mind.

the big bang theory season 8

Whatever season 9 has in store for the show’s fans, it’s going to be a pretty tense run of episodes, no matter if Amy and Sheldon end up getting back together or not. The writers must have definitely planned something exciting for those episodes, and we’re especially curious to see how the other parts of the plot will evolve while Sheldon is getting back on his feet.

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