‘The Big Bang Theory’ Seasons 11 and 12 Possible as CBS Almost Close to Sealing A Two-Season Deal for the Show!

The latest episode saw Sheldon and Amy out on a date when Bert the geologist is stood up. Amy gets angry at Sheldon that he shared private details of their relationship at the university.

To make up for hurting Amy’s feelings, Sheldon shares with her a secret: he actually got his driver’s license two years ago but lets her chauffer him to feel important.

Elsewhere in the episode, Raj’s father stopped trying to find him a wife since Raj still relies on him to pay for everything.

Raj’s friends makes him realize that he’s spoiled so he decides to stop taking the money to prove everyone wrong. It makes Raj’s dad happy in the end.

The upcoming episode, titled “The Comic-Con Conundrum” will follow the boys preparing for their annual trip to the convention.

Sheldon will try to persuade Amy to go with him to the ComicCon, while Raj has some financial trouble and may possibly be left behind.

CBS already has released a promo for the next episode with Amy surprised that Penny will go with Leonard to the ComicCon. Penny invites Amy to go, but it looks like she doesn’t want to. Sheldon then tries tirelessly to convince his girlfriend to come along.

Meanwhile, now that Raj has decided to prove everyone wrong, it looks like he cannot afford to go to the ComicCon.

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