Tesla Cars are Coming to India Later This Year, Confirmed by the Company’s CEO Elon Musk

The American electric car manufacturing giant, Tesla is all set to make its entry in India this Summer. Tesla CEO Elon Musk, confirmed while replying Tom a tweet that the company is expectant of a launch this Summer, in India. A tweeter user “@goel Ishan” posted a tweet that said “@elonmusk” is eagerly waiting for Tesla to launch in the above-mentioned country.

In the year 2016, Tesla publicized its plans to begin shipping cars that are completely proficient for self-driving. It had opened booking for Indian consumers too and received a decent response from people who gave out $1000 for the automobiles.

Elon Musk had said in April this year that Tesla has included more countries like Brazil, India, South Africa, Singapore, New Zealand and South Korea, to the Tesla Model 3 order booking page. Also, included in the list of countries included is Ireland. The vehicle which is estimated to be priced around $35000, before tax breaks: will go into production in the late 2017.

On the agenda of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, while visiting Silicon Valley in 2015 was a visit to the Tesla Factory. Modi who is the Prime Minister of India, invited the company to setup shop in India. India being clearly one of those countries most suitable for this technology.

The Indian delegation also had its eyes on the Tesla Powerwall, as it’s no mystery how this solar battery could aid Indians tap into the one resource they have in plenty. The Tesla Powerwall could help Indian homes and families become self-reliant in their energy requirements.

To facilitate Tesla’s access to India, the country’s Union Minister Nitin Gadkari has offered the company land near India’s major ports last, July. This offer was made with the intention to make India the manufacturing hub of Tesla for Asia and then export the product to South and the South Asian Countries.

The invitation was offered while he was visiting the Tesla factory close to San Francisco and offered to encourage joint ventures between the firm and Indian automobile companies with a plan to introduce environment friendly and pollution free road transport in India. Particularly commercial and public motor automobiles, according to an official statement.

When Elon Musk said that the Tesla Model 3 will be available for purchase in several new markets, it was a real surprise for many people to take in. However, Musk showed that he meant all business with that statement when he opened up opportunities for pre-order for $1000, in countries like India, South Africa, Brazil and New Zealand.

Tesla’s arrival in India has sparked the interest of many businessmen. The creator of PaytmVijay Shekhar Sharma, VC Mahesh Murthy, entrepreneur Vishal Gondal was among the limited few people who pre-ordered the Model 3 previous year.

Chances are that the final price of the Model 3 is going to carry a heavy import duty, according to domestic law. If media reports are to be believed then, Tesla and the Indian government has had discussions about getting the car manufacturer to setup a plant in the country.

Elon Musk confirms Tesla cars are coming to India this year

This would permit Tesla to produce locally and avail several tax concessions and aids from the government. Though, reports have suggested that Tesla will only commit to the deal if the Model 3 gets a good welcome in India.

Irrespective of these facts, it will be nothing short of pleasure for many Indians to see a self-directed vehicle on Indian roads. India has some of the world’s worst kept roads even in urban zones with negligible respect for traffic rules.

Another hurdle for Tesla would be to set up its network of Superchargers where owners would be able to charge their vehicles. Earlier last year Musk had confirmed that Tesla would set up its ‘Supercharger grid’ across India.

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