‘Teen Wolf’ Season 6 Rumors Point to Dylan O’Brien Out in Most Episodes as Actor Focuses on Film Projects!

There seems to be a bit of bad news on the upcoming Season 6 of the American supernatural drama TV series “Teen Wolf” on MTV as there are rumors saying that actor Dylan O’Brien may actually end up being absent in most episodes of the show, or worst, leaving completely.

O’Brien plays the role of Stiles Stilinski in the popular MTV series and previous reports before the cast and crew of the show began filming recently alluded that the actor’s character in the show would have a major arc in Season 6.

The actor apparently has become busy as of late since he is also doing work on the film “The Maze Runner: The Death Club,” which is also in production now.

O’Brien is also in talks to play the character Mitch Rapp in the movie adaptation of “American Assassin” which would begin filming soon, reports Yibada.

Given his hectic schedule in those two film projects, the actor is now having a difficult time juggling his schedule so the likelihood of O’Brien giving up his spot on “Teen Wolf” Season 6 is very high.

But reports also have it that Season 6 of “Teen Wolf” may not actually kill off O’Brien’s character as Stiles is very important in the storyline and is a fan-favorite at that. So they might just put his character off the show’s radar momentarily.

According to the same reports, the cast of “Teen Wolf” has already spent a month of filming without him because of his film assignments so it would be interesting how the executive producer and show writers shall be able to mesh his story arc into the Season 6 overall plotline in the event that he shows up in filming soon.

Biggest and creepiest

Despite the casting issue with Dylan O’Brien, reports also have it that the cast and members of the production staff of “Teen Wolf” are one in saying that the upcoming Season 6 will be the biggest and creepiest in the history of the TV series.

In addition, there are also reports saying that the upcoming season will see the addition of a lacrosse player in the cast, notes the Parent Herald.

Actress Holland Roden, who plays Lydia Martin in the TV series, recently shared a photo from one of the set locations in “Teen Wolf” Season 6. The photo shows a carousel from what appears to be an abandoned amusement park.

It is possible that the image is part of Lydia’s vision or it could be a World War II remnant, note critics.

Series creator Jeff Davis has also confirmed that the Season 6 of “Teen Wolf” will see the show dealing with a new mythology as it focuses on the Nazi werewolf. He also hinted that the upcoming season will also be a ghost story.

The last season for the show?

There have also been speculations saying that Season 6 is going to be the last for “Teen Wolf.”

The rumors started swirling when reports came out that the upcoming Season 6 of “Teen Wolf,” which is already set to premiere on July 9, will see Scott, played by Tyler Posey, Stiles, and the rest of the older members of the pack graduating from high school.

It was also reported recently that Arden Cho, who plays Kira Yukimura in “Teen Wolf” shall no longer be returning for Season 6.

Teen Wolf Season 5

As such, critics are thinking that it is going to be the end as well for the series. However, there are also reports saying that the story may continue as Liam, played by Dylan Sprayberry, is already being groomed to become the next Teen Wolf.

Executive producer Jeff Davis said that there are still more stories to tell after Season 6 of “Teen Wolf,” alluding or wishing that the upcoming season is not going to be the last for the popular show.

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