‘Super Smash Bros 4’ World’s Best Wii U Player Ready to Compete Again as Soon as Fully Healed from Finger Injury!

The world’s best player of the Nintendo fighting game “Super Smash Bros 4” on the Wii U has been out of commission since February this year and the reason why he is out is because he somehow suffered a finger injury.

Not that a gamer would injure himself or herself playing a video game but Gonzalo “TSMIZeRo” Barrios apparently suffered from a middle finger injury sometime in March and fell very ill due to his weak immune system, reports the Event Hubs.

He had to undergo treatments from doctors including a surgery that necessitated him to rest to be able to recover well from his injury.

It was only recently that Barrios made known to the “Super Smash Bros” gaming community his health situation when he posted a video on his YouTube channel detailing what happened to him during his injury and his upcoming plans.

The debacle obviously did not prevent him from being optimistic that he will be fully healed and that he plans to compete once again soon, if not sooner.

The next big “Super Smash Bros 4” major competition is happening at the CEO 2016 event late in June so “TSMIZeRo” is hoping that his finger will be fully healed by then so that he can compete and once again show to the gaming community why he is regarded as the world’s best “Super Smash Bros 4” player on Wii U.

Waiting for a surprise patch

After Patch 1.1.5 came out in March as a big surprise to gamers of “Super Smash Bros 4,” some players and critics are looking towards the direction of Nintendo for another surprise patch anytime soon, as noted in the game forum on Reddit.

According to the moderator, several gamers have been looking into the next maintenance schedule of “Super Smash Bros 4” in the hope that Nintendo drops another patch on the game. The moderator said it looks unlikely.

He added that while the odds of a patch for “Super Smash Bros 4” happening are very slim, it still probably would not hurt to back up replays just in case.

The moderator also expressed his apology to gamers for the confusion and potential false hype that his recent post regarding game maintenance may have caused some avid gamers of “Super Smash Bros 4.”

A welcome surprise

It was one of the most welcome surprises for gamers of “Super Smash Bros 4” but Patch 1.1.5 was highly lauded when it was released in the middle of March because of balance changes it brought to the game.

A number of enhancements and nerfs were given to the roster of the fighting game. Samus was given numerous buffs including an improved F-Smash and better F-Tilt. On the other hand, characters such as Cloud were nerfed.

Prior to the release of Patch 1.1.5, the last character DLCs to “Super Smash Bros 4” came out early in February when Bayonetta from the same-titled game and Corrin from “Fire Emblem Fates” arrived, initially via Nintendo eShop.

Officially called as the DLC Bundle 6, gamers were able to download the new character DLCs by downloading the version 1.1.4 first. It came out with a price of $15.48 for one platform or one character and $19.88 for both characters.

When Bayonetta arrived, she was priced at $6 on either Wii U or the 3DS but if gamers decide to get Bayonetta for both platforms, it only cost them $7. Corrin, on the other hand, was retailed for $5 for either the Wii U or the 3DS and $6 for both.

super smash bros

The release of the final “Super Smash Bros 4” character DLCs came out as a bittersweet feeling for gamers since they also knew that the game shall no longer see any substantial update. Apparently, Nintendo is looking to end things for “Super Smash Bros 4” with a bang.

Released late in 2014, “Super Smash Bros 4” has been delivering waves of DLCs to players since the first character, Mewtwo, was made available in April of last year.

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