‘Spider-Man’ Trilogy Director Sam Raimi Loves to be Given Another Chance in Marvel’s Reboot of the Franchise!

Apparently, the “Spider-Man” reboot of Marvel will no longer show how Peter Parker will get his power but proceed straight to the alter ego of the superhero being in high school. Peter is a web-slinger for about two years already by the time the movie is shown in 2017. It appears that when Spider-Man appears in “Captain America: Civil War” next year, Peter Parker would have been donning the Spider-Man suit for about a year already.

Tom Holland, the young actor tapped by Marvel to play Peter Parker and Spider-Man in the reboot, admitted that his take on the character was actually influenced by the two other actors who previously played the role, referring to Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield.

He says that it is impossible not to draw inspiration from the two previous actors who played the character before him. In fact, Holland even lauded Tobey and Andrew for their great and rich performances as Spider-Man.

However, he said that he would have a different take on Peter Parker and Spider-Man because the idea of the reboot is to make it different, new, and a very exciting movie.

But fans would have a glimpse of how different Spider-Man would be under Tom Holland when the character shows up in “Captain America: Civil War” next year.

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