Ford Bronco 2016 Rumored Again, Could the Truck Come with a Different Name? Let’s See

As far as rumors in the auto industry go, the 2016 Ford Bronco is probably the model with the most attention focused on it, and many people are very eager to find out what Ford are planning and if the company is going to release a new entry in the iconic line anytime soon. There have been various reports claiming that a new truck is on the way and it’s coming either this year or early in the next one, but so far we’ve seen nothing on the official front, and Ford themselves have been keeping quiet on the issue.

Among the various rumors that we heard about the 2016 Bronco recently was that the truck would have a more unusual style of marketing and it would be featured in some major productions, possibly even “Jurassic World”. However, that didn’t end up happening, much to the disappointment of some fans of the line, and the rumors then shifted to other directions and speculations about other possible reveals for the truck.

One thing is clear – Ford will definitely make a winning move by releasing this truck as far as the company’s popularity is concerned, as many people want to see it out as soon as possible, and Ford will need to put very little into their marketing in order to make the release known and widespread. Indeed, some critics have pointed out that this is a very strong potential point for the new Bronco – whenever it comes out – as it’s one of the few brand names on the market with such a strong recognition, and a new release in that line will definitely get a lot of attention right away.

However, some more recent rumors seem to indicate that Ford might not be thinking of going down that way. In fact, the company might be looking into a complete reset of the line, if those rumors are true – and that could be a disastrous move for the popularity of the Bronco, according to some experts, and many people are hopeful that the company isn’t really thinking of doing that right now.

The rumors claim that Ford are going to release the 2016 Bronco under another name, and that they won’t name it a Bronco. It could be a Troller, offered in several variants, and while the mechanical features of the rumored model do sound good, people have been questioning the merits of renaming the brand so late into its existence. Especially when it’s a brand that has proven to be one of the more successful lines on the market, and one of the best recognized models by Ford in general.

Meanwhile, other rumors have claimed that the truck has already had its final concept and specifications leaked to the market, but there have been no confirmations of those rumors and we have no idea if there’s any truth to them or not. It’s worth noting that those rumors contradict the idea of a renaming of the brand, so we don’t know what can be believed right now.

2016 Ford Bronco

But if the rumors about the specifications of the truck turn out to be true, then Bronco fans are in for quite the treat, as Ford are apparently preparing something quite good for them and they want to make this model one that people will be talking about a lot. There have been claims of state of the art engines with various other features that should make this model stand out easily, but it remains to be seen if Ford can really make that kind of splash on the market once again.

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