‘Spider-Man’ Reboot Casting of Zendaya Confirmed; Young Actress Likely to Play Role of Peter Parker’s Roommate and Defense Lawyer!

Digging deep into the description of that particular “Seinfeld” Season 8 finale episode, George was unemployed again at that time so he decides to have a memorable summer for himself.

Also on the same description of the same episode, Jerry Seinfeld, who played as himself, had to deal with his new girlfriend having another dude. Also on the same episode, Cosco Kramer, played by Michael Richards, wins a Tony Award. There was also a new girl at work who started to become hostile towards Elaine Benes, played by actress Julia Louis-Dreyfus.

There is obviously no comparison or analogy between “Seinfeld” and Marvel’s reboot of “Spider-Man” so the idea is meant to deflect people’s interest and not draw so much attention during production.

So far, one of the most exciting things that fans are looking forward to seeing Spider-Man is his new costume, which was previously reported as something that will blow people’s minds. From then on, Marvel fans have always been on the lookout for possible photo leaks of the new costume of the web-slinging Marvel superhero.

There have been plenty of rumors about Spider-Man’s costume in the past, including images of supposed early designs that were never actually confirmed.

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