Spectre Was Physically Challenging According to James Bond’s Daniel Craig!

A movie poster, a confession that the action and locations were a killer to film is all the fans have so far. Wanting to know what the plot lines are or why there is a skull in the background of the movie poster are just a few things that fans are going to wonder about until the movie is released.

Since Daniel Craig has become Bond, he has taken the movie down a more modern path compared to older versions of the movie. Just like in the movie “Skyfall”, the newest addition to the series will be digging deeper into the childhood of James Bond. That was hinted to in the trailer that was recently released.

For a movie series like James Bond, there are only so many places that you can go and maybe backwards in time is the next step. Fans and critics alike will have to wait to see how the movie goes, but the odds are good that it will be worth the watch.

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