Set to Premiere on June 4, Hannibal Season 3 is to Become NBC’s Current Greatest Triumph on Television

Season 3 of the American psychological thriller-horror TV series “Hannibal” is set to premiere on the NBC network on June 4 and its 13 episodes will run a course of three months until its series finale on September 3.

The elaborately written “Hannibal,” courtesy of show creator Bryan Fuller, has never been more tangible than in the show’s bold and orienting third season this year, notes the Digital Spy.

By making a near-narrative invention look effortless, and expanding its visual vocabulary into even more imaginative flourishes, Season 3 of “Hannibal” certainly secures its place as NBC’s greatest current triumph on television today.

Very good portrayal

Season 3 of the show is significantly different because of the fact that its first three episodes were shot in Europe. It can be recalled that the first two seasons of “Hannibal” were mostly filmed in the US state of Virginia, although in reality, the location filming is being done in Toronto in Ontario, Canada.

Without the constraints of the FBI-led procedural storytelling, “Hannibal” has become richer and more complex than ever before.

The show now has more scope than ever for focusing into the psychology of characters and their correlation with one another, particularly the superb dynamics between Hannibal and his former psychiatrist Bedelia, played by Gillian Anderson, who is also playing wife to his alias Dr. Fell.

In Season 3, Mads Mikkelsen, the actor who plays Hannibal Lecter in the TV series, is now several months into his life as a fugitive in Italy. The actor’s performance is short of riveting with his superb exercise in restraint, building up the prequel Lecter as a believably stable, cultured, and well-liked man whose murderous cannibalism really came as a shock to those who know him personally.

The actor also allowed a glimpse of pure savagery to show through the careful mask of civility as he pretends to be a curator at Florence’s Palazzo Capponi although he was really holding himself to what he is capable of doing.

While his arrest is almost sure based on the show’s own narrative context, Hannibal no longer seems as concerned with maintaining appearances.

A cunning enemy

“Hannibal” the TV series, just like the films that were previously shown depicting the character, is based on the novel “Red Dragon” by critically-acclaimed author Thomas Harris.

The series focuses on the friendship between FBI special investigator Will Graham, played by Hugh Dancy, and Dr. Hannibal Lecter, who is also a forensic psychiatrist and is destined to become Graham’s most cunning enemy.


Criminal profiler Will Graham is assigned by FBI agent Jack Crawford, played by veteran actor Lawrence Fishburne, who also heads the bureau’s Behavioural Sciences Unit, to help investigate the disappearances of eight young girls across Minnesota.

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