Shocking Twists to Highlight Remaining Episodes of Orphan Black Season 3, Reveals Director, And More Details

With barely three weeks to go before its series finale for Season 3, director John Fawcett of the Canadian science-fiction TV series “Orphan Black” disclosed that following the death of Paul who happens to be Sarah’s confidante, the remaining episodes of the show would have shocking twists that could change Sarah’s life.

The tenth and final episode of “Orphan Black” Season 3 will air on June 20 in BBC America in the US and the Space network in Canada.

In a recent interview, Fawcett said that they decided to kill off Paul’s character but there will be a surprising twist that would surely drop the jaws of the show’s fans in surprise and amazement, notes Yibada.

He added that the creative team of “Orphan Black” does not want the show’s audiences, fans, and viewers to second guess what will happen next in every episode so they decided to kill off a major character that sure caught them by surprise.

The impact on Sarah’s life

Fawcett cited that Paul’s recent death could have an impact on Sarah’s life in the future. He added that Sarah has always been a very strong woman, particularly in dealing with all her types of problems.

But with Paul no longer around to give her the advices, his death could actually push Sarah to take on another path in her life.

Accordingly, the death of Paul shall bring Sarah’s life story even more color and drama and fans and avid viewers of the series would be able to get a preview of her new self in the upcoming season finale of “Orphan Black” on June 20.

Consequently, the death of Paul will also inspire Sarah to become the person she always wanted to be and her participation in ensuring all of her cloned sisters will survive will be known by fans and televiewers in the remaining episodes of Season 3 of “Orphan Black.”

Fawcett pointed out that Sarah will become more determined in facing life after she was pushed against the wall with the recent death of Paul. She will look for answers about herself and her cloned sisters. Sarah will likewise try to do all the tough work while ensuring that no one else will be put at risk.

Several identical people

“Orphan Black” follows the story of Sarah Manning, played by Tatiana Maslany, who takes on the role of several identical people who are in fact clones.

As a con artist, Sarah assumes the identity of one of her clones, Elizabeth Childs, after witnessing her suicide. She takes on her identity and occupation as a police detective.

orphan black

During the first season, Sarah eventually discovered that she is a clone and also found out that she has many sister clones spread throughout North America and Europe and that someone is plotting to kill all of them.

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