‘Scorpion’ Season 2 to Highlight Blossoming Romance Between Walter and Paige!

The second season of the American drama TV series “Scorpion” has premiered on CBS on September 21 and the biggest question that fans and viewers of the show wanted to know is whether Walter O’Brien, played by Elyes Gabel, and Paige Dineen, played by Katharine McPhee, will make a go of their blossoming relationship.

The TV series is loosely based on the life of Walter O’Brien, a genius and computer expert, who works together with his other genius friends to solve complex global problems and save lives.

Before its season premiere, there were reports that the second season of “Scorpion” will be bigger and sexier, and fans of the show believe that it has something to do with the up and coming relationship of Walter and Paige.

In the premiere episode of Season 2 of “Scorpion,” Homeland Security has solicited the help of Team Scorpion to help them in a very important case, notes The Morning Sun.

However, Paige takes the limelight when she got in touch again with her emotions after revealing to Walter that she kissed him while he was unconscious at the hospital.

Although he appeared unperturbed about it in front of Paige, it was eventually shown that Walter was actually tickled pink by the incident and he freaked out about it.

A conscious kiss

Executive producer Nick Santora, in a recent interview, disclosed that the revelations of Paige will reverberate emotionally on Walter and that it will eventually end in a more meaningful kiss between the two characters, when the two of them are fully conscious.

Nick Wootton, another executive producer of “Scorpions” added that the kiss between Walter and Paige won’t be so much of a crime so they decide to do it. But despite kissing consciously the second time around, Walter and Paige will not decide right away that they are a couple.

The scenario will make for complexity in their relationship because they both believe that the team has always and should live by the idea of greater good.

In a recent interview before the premiere of Season 2 of “Scorpion,” Katharine McPhee hinted that Paige and Walter will have some revealing conversations about their feelings for each other.

McPhee said that the dynamics like such give the show widespread appeal because beyond the action and the comedy of “Scorpions” are the real relationships in the show and that is why people tune in so much to the TV series. She added that people are always intrigued by the dynamics within the relationships, details She Knows.

The “American Idol” alum also revealed that Season 2 of “Scorpions” is a little sexier, a lot funnier and even has more drama compared to its premiere season. She added that the showrunners are just doing a really good job of finding more silliness in the circumstances which make the TV series really fun.

Saving the day

The premiere episode of Season 2 of “Scorpions” saw Team Scorpion saving again the day under dire circumstances, within a few hours’ notice, just like they often do during the first season.

From stopping a nuclear-powered satellite falling from orbit toward the ground to capturing a war criminal in a foreign country to stopping a runaway train, Team Scorpion appears to be real superheroes but they do their work behind their computers and gadgets, making technology work for their cause.


During Season 1, Walter had an accident that landed his car on the side of a cliff. He is going through some physical therapy for his hands as part of the effects of a concussion. Because their leader is out of commission, Team Scorpion has also been fractured so when Walter returns, they are all eager to get back on track.

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