Roku 4 Will Debut in Fall with Many Exciting Enhancements

Serious threat

With the recent advent of 4K TV and the so-called ‘internet of things,’ Roku is now under serious threat if it does not do something to come up with a new offering from its end too.

The competition now includes the American tech giant Apple which is planning to make a new offering pretty soon via its Apple TV. That’s in addition to internet TV services now being offered and gaining so much ground among consumers nowadays.

Big name manufacturers and upstart tech companies are also joining the bandwagon as they all prepare to roll out their respective new media streaming products by next year. And the only way for Roku to pre-empt or beating them all to the draw is by releasing Roku 4 this fall, or at the latest before the end of 2015.

Only the release of Roku 4 will keep its grasp on its niche market and the American tech company knows it too well. Consumers should expect the new media streaming device formally rolling out to the market very soon and it is expected to be pretty extraordinary too.


    1. Roku 3 is almost the end of life cycle. Welcome to the technology world. You still will get good use out of it for several more years trust me.

  1. I love the Roku 3 because it is just easy and it works. That remote looks too busy though with the dedicated buttons. That is typically where your thumb rests when using the remote. I hope they keep the A+B buttons for casual gaming, remote headphone jack, and WiFi remote.

    I have a Roku 2 that is aging, although it is a trooper. My Roku 3 reboots often but has the fancy new GUI.

    I don’t need the 4K or anything. I think I would prefer to buy a Roku 3 at a discount than a Roku 4 with features I don’t need. We’ll see when it is officially announced.

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