Roku 4 Will Debut in Fall with Many Exciting Enhancements

More than two years after the official release of Roku 3 as one of the better media streaming devices of the modern times, Roku 4 will be finally coming out this year.

Exstreamist reports that Roku 4 is projected to debut this fall and it will bring with it a number of exciting enhancements that are quite new for a highly-anticipated and much-awaited online streaming gadget.

In addition to being capable of supporting 4K streaming and faster load times between navigation screens, Roku 4 shall also sport a front-panel reset button, an enhanced channel store, quicker boot-up times, a stabilized firmware, and support for 802.11AC Wifi.

In order to keep Roku 3 up-to-date, the American tech company based in Saratoga, California has also enhanced its current media streaming device by including a voice search button on it among other new features which would keep users busy until Roku 4 is officially released to the retail markets.

At its current price of US$99, the Roku 3 with its new features is really worth the purchase for a superb and functional media streaming device. Roku 4 is expected to be better for sure and it is likely to come out with a higher price when it hits the retail markets later in the year.

Good reasons for Roku 4

Although Roku has yet to make an official announcement to confirm or deny reports about the Roku 4, there have already been speculations in the tech community that the device will come out within five months time from May, but two months at the earliest, which is just about within the fall season.

There are plenty of good reasons why Roku 4 will be playing soon in living rooms all across the globe and one of them is that users have become quite accustomed to it.

Roku users, particularly those using Roku 3, have been longing for an upgrade or a new model of the media streaming device. Not that Roku 3 has outlived its usefulness but two years in the tech community without any upgrade can actually be considered eons or ages ago.

It is imperative for Roku to come up with an updated version of the device pretty soon because otherwise, many of its users will look for other modern alternatives to it, which is quite plenty in the market these days.

roku 4

Roku must be mindful of the fact that there are plenty of alternatives in the market these days that are certainly very competitive than Roku 3 so infusing Roku 4 into the market and bringing with it tons of improvements can save and protect its established consumer niche.


    1. Roku 3 is almost the end of life cycle. Welcome to the technology world. You still will get good use out of it for several more years trust me.

  1. I love the Roku 3 because it is just easy and it works. That remote looks too busy though with the dedicated buttons. That is typically where your thumb rests when using the remote. I hope they keep the A+B buttons for casual gaming, remote headphone jack, and WiFi remote.

    I have a Roku 2 that is aging, although it is a trooper. My Roku 3 reboots often but has the fancy new GUI.

    I don’t need the 4K or anything. I think I would prefer to buy a Roku 3 at a discount than a Roku 4 with features I don’t need. We’ll see when it is officially announced.

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