Roku 4 All Set to Debut as Company Stops Updates on Old Video Streaming Devices!

It seems like Roku 4 is all set to roll out before the end of the year especially in light of the recent decision of the American technology company based in Saratoga, California to phase out support to its classic video streaming devices.

Apparently, Roku will no longer be providing new channels or updates for its old Roku players that have been manufactured from May 2008 to May 2011, details Variety.

The classic Roku and Roku-based players which shall no longer received updates include Roku HD (2000C), Netgear XDS (NTV270), Roku XDS (2100X), Netgear XD (NTV250), Roku XD (2050X), Roku HD (N1100) Roku SD (N1050), and Roku HD-XR (N1101 and N1000).

Roku launched its first ever streaming device in 2008 and it became the first device capable of streaming Netflix to TV.

The company has since added more than 2,000 channels to its system and made it available through its platform. The old models of its video streaming devices only have access to 1,200 channels, which is far greater than most of current streaming devices that made it into the market since.

Difficult decision

In a recent statement, the company said that it has made the difficult decision not to launch new streaming channels, update existing channels, push firmware updates, or develop the Roku mobile app for classic Roku video streaming devices.

Roku added that streaming technology has evolved and so have its streaming players. It explained that over time its channel partners have also chosen to focus their development efforts on the latest generation of Roku streaming players.

The older devices also lack the performance of current-generation streaming players and thus have a more limited channel selection, Roku further said.

While the company did not elaborate any further, it is clear that part of its decision has something to do with encouraging users to discard their old Roku streaming devices and purchase new ones, which would augur well for the upcoming roll out of the Roku 4.

It will also serve its other Roku devices that are still in the market since June 2011 and that includes its top four streaming devices including the Roku Stick, the Roku 1, the Roku 2, and the Roku 4.

Still No. 1 in the US

According to the estimates of Parks Associates, Roku had the No.1 selling streaming devices in the US last year, with a 34% market share.

Based on the first quarter 2015 survey results for American broadband households that owned a streaming device, 37% actually had Roku gadgets with Google Chromecast at a distant second with 19%. Apple TV is at 17% share while Amazon Fire TV brings up the fourth spot at 14%.

Roku CEO Anthony Wood says in a recent interview that it can certainly hold off the competition being posed by main rivals in the streaming devices market including Google, Apple, and Amazon, cites Boosh.

While the company still holds an edge over its major market rivals, it will further build on its lead with the upcoming launching of the Roku 4

Roku 4 is expected to come out of the market with a price tag of $100 or maybe more, and as such it will be the most expensive streaming device in the market by the end of the year.

Although the company has been keeping things under wraps regarding the features of the Roku 4, rumors and speculations have already been swirling from as early as late last year about it.

Roku 4 will reportedly come out with 4K support, faster processing speeds and more memory at a minimum, which makes its retail price really worth it.

roku 4

The company may have difficulty working on the price for Roku 4, but other companies in the market are also experiencing the same. The media streaming war has certainly taken on a new level which means good things for the consumers.

As more consumers are cutting the cable cord, alternative TV options are increasing and improving, which will only get stronger over the next couple of years.


  1. How about the ability to turn the TV on and change the volume. Unbelievably you can’t do this with the roku remote! Roku needs to be able to send CEC commands to do this or at minimum add an IR blaster. Without this I won’t buy or recommend the product to others.

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