‘Constantine’ Season 2 All Over but John Constantine Will Appear Again in Season 4 of Arrow

Season 2 of the American supernatural thriller TV series “Constantine” has already been cancelled by NBC for good a few months ago and it seems likely that it won’t be hitting the airwaves again anytime soon. But John Constantine and the actor who played the role in the TV show Matt Ryan, will be back on the small screen soon enough.

Apparently, Matt Ryan will reprise his role as John Constantine in an upcoming episode or episodes of the Season 4 of the American superhero TV series “Arrow” which would premiere on The CW on October 7.

It was actually Ryan who confirmed his guesting on “Arrow” as John Constantine when he recently uploaded a video on his Twitter account stating that he will reprise his famous role from the short-lived Fox series on NBC, details Comicbook.com.

He also said in the video that he is already dusting off John Constantine’s coat and other stuff against supernatural forces, which he will be up against in “Arrow.”

But details of Matt Ryan’s guesting stint on “Arrow” have yet to be disclosed or who John Constantine will be up against. But it is likely that he will be on the side of the Team Arrow led by Stephen Amell’s all-new character, the Green Arrow.

Fans of Matt Ryan and “Constantine” the TV series were all praises for the decision of “Arrow” producers to guest the character because they all believe that he and the show did not deserve the treatment they got from NBC.

Others are hoping that “Constantine” will also be included in other DC Comics-based TV series now on the small screen including “The Flash,” “The Atom,” and “iZombie,” as well as other series like “Supernatural” and “Lucifer.”

A cult favorite

“Constantine” was a cult favorite with a huge social media presence. It ran only for 13 episodes and had the Season 1 finale in a major cliffhanger, leaving fans of the show with no closure at all, cites Comicbook.com in another report.

There have been significant efforts made to save the show, but NBC was firm with its decision. The CW was also considered a last hope to save “Constantine” from cancellation but when the contract of the stars expired in June, it was all over for the TV series.

“Arrow” showrunner Marc Guggenheim had previously said that John Constantine was considered as a potential expert that the Team Arrow could have called upon during Season 3 to give Oliver Queen the lowdown on the Lazarus Pit and other mystical elements of Ra’s al Ghul’s mythology.

Since it never materialized in Season 3 of “Arrow,” it shall definitely happen on Season 4 as magic and mysticism will be explored on the fourth season of the TV series, thus justifying the guesting and presence of John Constantine.

Feeling sorry for the fans

Matt Ryan feels sorry that the show was no longer renewed by NBC for Season 2, nor was it rescued by any other network from cancellation. But he is positive that the show and the lead character of the series will live in the hearts of its fans forever.

In his tweet in June after show creator Daniel Cerone officially said that the show is over, Ryan appreciated the fans of the series because of their support, citing them as truly the best there is.

He also took the opportunity to express his gratitude for everyone involved in the production of the show and believes that working with them are truly great memories worth keeping forever. He likewise lauded them for never giving up on the show despite the odds.


The actor said that he was very disappointed, just like showrunner Daniel Cerone was, that he can no longer pursue the journey of John Constantine. He added that he will surely miss playing the role.

If there is one other person who really feels heartbroken that “Constantine” was not renewed for Season 2, it is definitely show creator, Daniel Cerone.

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