‘Constantine’ Season 2 All Over but John Constantine Will Appear Again in Season 4 of Arrow

Despite his subsequent attempts to liaise and negotiate with other networks to rescue the show from cancellation after NBC decided in dropping it after just one season, Cerone was not able to convince anybody of the potentials of the show as a network money-maker.

His last negotiation was with The CW network and to even sweeten the deal, Cerone even promised to bring in veteran actor William Shatner to “Constantine,” but his efforts eventually proved futile.

After NBC officially cancelled Season 2 of “Constantine” in April, Cerone has given himself until the first two weeks of June to rescue the show from cancellation as the contracts of the stars were only good until that period.

However, with no clear future for the show in sight, the series has officially released the cast from their contracts before mid-June and Cerone put the nail in the coffin by posting in social media that the show is over.

Even when NBC decided to cancel the show in April, Cerone still haggled with the network for a couple of weeks. When he got a negative answer from the NBC network bosses, he decided to pitch the saving of “Constantine” to sister networks SyFy and The CW.

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