Return of Tamashi Hamada Almost Confirmed as ‘Big Hero 7’ Attempts to Surpass $651 Million Worldwide Box Office and Video Sales Haul of ‘Big Hero 6’, More Details

Tadashi Hamada, the brother of Hiro Hamada, the star of “Big Hero 6” is almost confirmed to return to the upcoming sequel to 2014’s top grossing film despite having been pronounced dead in the first film.

Hiro’s brother died in “Big Hero 6” during an explosion in a science event. But Tadashi won’t be coming in as a zombie though.

There have already been widespread rumors in the internet alluding to the plot of “Big Hero 7.” Apparently, the “7” on the title emerged because the seventh character is going to be Tadashi.

For some reason, Tadashi survived the explosion and he will become the villain of sorts in the sequel. While he did die in the first movie, his body was never found so the writers would put a spin on the story to bring the character back to life on the sequel.

Accordingly, Tadashi was saved in the explosion by one of the inventions that were presented during the technological event. The invention that saved Tadashi has something to do with nuclear energy and that because of the power that the invention has given him, he will become Sunfire.

An X-Men member

Sunfire is one of the original members of the first “Big Hero 6” in the comic books. He is also a prominent character in the Marvel universe.

This long-time Marvel superhero is a Japanese mutant with the ability to project flames by absorbing heat.

The character has long existed even before he joined the original “Big Hero 6.” He is a member of the X-Men in the Marvel comic books and is often referred to as an ‘Uncanny Avenger.’

Basing on the original comic books, Tadashi as Sunrise will be a villain in “Big Hero 7.” But knowing Disney, it is likely that they will also put a spin on the character to turn Tadashi back to the good side and make him part of the “Big Hero 6. That is the reason why the title of the sequel is “Big Hero 7.”

“Big Hero 6” has reportedly been doing well in terms of home video sales as its DVD and Blu-ray release in March has been outperforming adult-oriented features including “Horrible Bosses 2,” “Sons of Anarchy” Final Season, and Season 4 of “Game of Thrones.”

Surpassing the record of ‘Big Hero 6’

Marvel Studios executive Stan Lee is hoping that “Big Hero 7” will surpass the $651 million box-office and video sales haul of “Big Hero 6.”

big hero 6

He believes that the key is really having a really good and interesting story for the sequel so that fans would sure to come in droves just like the first movie.

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