Rambo 5 Makes Last Gasp as Latest Rumors Suggest that the Film Has Been Given a Go

While his last action film was “The Expendables 3” shown in 2014, it was not a solo act for Sly but an ensemble of some of the most popular action stars to have graced Hollywood both in the past and in the present. So it was not as taxing for him during the production as it was during the filming of “Rambo 4.”

After his depth in acting in the “Rocky” spinoff movie “Creed” was noticed, Stallone may have realized that he was better off doing more of such type of movies rather than go on another action-packed film like “Rambo 5.”

He won the Best Supporting Actor award for the movie at the Golden Globes. He also got the nomination from the Academy Awards for the same category but he did not win.

Back when the rumors about “Rambo 5” was hot, it was reported that it shall have the title of “Rambo: The Last Blood,” which is actually in reference to the first movie of the series entitled “First Blood,” notes the Lawyer Herald.

It also came with reports that Stallone was already training in the gym and elsewhere in preparation for “Rambo 5.”

Then came the news early this year from Stallone himself who said that he has decided to retire his John Rambo character for good, adding that his heart may still be willing to do the film but his body is already telling him to stay home and leave it to someone else.

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