Rambo 5 Makes Last Gasp as Latest Rumors Suggest that the Film Has Been Given a Go

It is either the internet trolls are at it again or Sylvester Stallone suddenly had another change of heart for the umpteenth time as there are sporadic rumors online suggesting that “Rambo 5” has been given a go by the veteran actor himself after much consideration.

In a report published online on April 22, 2016, Relevant Magazine reported that Sylvester Stallone confirmed that “Rambo: The Last Blood” would soon be a reality and that there is nothing that anyone can do to stop it.

The outlet went on to say that Stallone will be 70 years old by the time the next movie hits theaters which means that “Rambo 5” will make it to cinemas next year.

Accordingly, the movie only hastens the film’s unlucky drug-dealing Mexican villains, who will not only have to fight a knife-wielding master of jungle combat but also the cunning mind of a savage as well as an aging warrior honed by decades of slaughtering random bad guys.

Looks remote and impossible

Critics believe that the latest rumors on “Rambo 5” as published by Relevant Magazine are empty, citing that the 2017 release date looks impossible given Stallone’s schedule.

The actor is about to begin filming this coming fall in China the action ensemble movie “The Expendables 4” which shall hit theaters next year so having two action movies in the same year does not really cut out for a 69-year-old veteran action star like Stallone.

It has also been reported that Fox has ordered a script for a one-hour drama based on the iconic Stallone movie franchise.

Although Stallone would not star in the TV series, he will come in as executive producer along with Avi Lerner. The TV show will actually pay homage to the movies and it is tentatively titled “Rambo: New Blood.”

The small screen version of “Rambo” will explore the complex relationship between Rambo and his son J.R., who is also an ex-Navy SEAL.

There is also a huge possibility that Stallone might reprise his role of the former Green Beret on the TV series but as of now, nothing has been officially decided.

There are also reports saying that Stallone shall be producing a reality TV series for Netflix called as “Ultimate Beastmaster” which shall make the veteran Hollywood actor very busy since the show will possibly be airing in the latter part of 2016.

Retiring the John Rambo character

When Sylvester Stallone announced early this year that he is no longer pushing for the “Rambo 5” project, which he himself announced on Twitter in December 2014, it no longer came as a surprise to most film critics.

After all, the veteran Hollywood action star is already 69 years old and he could very well be 70 when production for the supposed “Rambo 5” could begin.

Although Sly has it in him to do the movie and stand toe-to-toe with even younger actors, it is possible that Stallone has realized that he is better off slowing down than pushing himself too hard which is no longer appropriate given his ripe age.

Rambo 5

The last time that Stallone did a solo action movie was in 2008 for “Rambo 4” or simply titled as “John Rambo.” That was eight years ago and he was only 61 years old by then, probably 60 at the time of filming.

But it would be an entirely different scenario now that he is already nearing 70. Things in the production would really be far different than the last time.

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