Narcos Season 2 Shall Feature Less Voiceover and More on the Show’s Characters, Confirms Executive Producer

Season 1 of the American crime drama TV series “Narcos” on Netflix had plenty of narration and voiceover apparently because it deeply delves into the life of Columbian drug kingpin Pablo Escobar, played in the show by Brazilian actor Wagner Moura.

The narration or the voiceover became important during the premiere season of the hit TV series because the show was designed to cover 15 years over 10 episodes. They cannot do the intermittent time jumps in the storyline without the explanatory voiceover or the viewers would be lost in the process.

It seems that such voiceover feature that highlighted most of Season 1 would be lesser when Season 2 of “Narcos” premieres on Netflix this coming August.

The confirmation came from Eric Newman, co-executive producer of “Narcos.” The other showrunner of the TV series is Jose Padilha.

In a recent interview, Newman said that during the first season, “Narcos” needed to share a lot of information and showed a lot of setups. He added that the show needed to tell its viewers about the drug trade world, though the cast members and the production staff all find it a joy working and filming in Colombia, details Movieweb.

Having established a good premise for Season 1, the second season of “Narcos” shall be spending more time with the people in the same world that was established during the premiere season, adds Newman.

He explained that the second season shall be more character-driven and there will be less voiceover though he cannot ascertain that there would be none of it because the 10 episodes of Season 2 shall also cover a period of 18 months, which may mean that there will be a few time jumps as well.

Riveting and engaging plotline

The first season of “Narcos” was both a critically-acclaimed and top rating show. Aside from its riveting and engaging plotline, the acting is also superb anchored on Wagner Moura.

It featured during the Season 1 finale Pablo Escobar’s escape from La Catedral prison early in 1992. At the pace that the show is progressing, it would be safe to assume that the remaining 18 months of Escobar’s life can be covered by the 10 episodes of the upcoming Season 2, notes Crossmap.

Based on true events, Escobar escaped from La Catedral in 1992 and died in Medellin 18 months later after he was gunned down by the Columbian National Police on December 2, 1993.

Eric Newman said that if they could find a way to keep Wagner Moura and his Pablo Escobar character alive on the show, they will do it.

But he added that the design of the show is that they tell 15 years of history in Season 1 and 18 months leading to his death in Season 2. He added that the death of Pablo Escobar in Season 2 is not something they can change because stretching the storyline beyond another season would be disingenuous.

Newman said that the Pablo Escobar story was always designed to have an ending.

Critics believe that the storyline of “Narcos” is at a delicate stage since Season 1 has just been completed and covered a significant part of Pablo Escobar’s story.

Based on the Season 1 finale, Season 2 would have a very limited time to focus on Escobar’s escape from La Catedral in 1992 to his death in Medellin in 1993. Filming for “Narcos” is now ongoing in Bogota, Colombia.

Shifting of storylines

Season 1 of “Narcos” spanned almost two decades in telling the story of Escobar with years sometimes passing between chronological episodes.


Unless “Narcos” storyline continues after Escobar’s death and the TV series shifts to telling the story of the law enforcement’s continued wars with the other drug cartels in Colombia, including the infamous Cali Cartel, the show will not have much to go on to.

Cali Cartel was already introduced in “Narcos” in Season 1 and it will obviously be playing a major role in Season 2 as the two drug cartels fight for control of Colombia’s drug trade.

Director Jose Padilha and Eric Newman will continue to pinch-hit as showrunners as Netflix finds a suitable person to fill in the post after Season 2.

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  1. In season one, I enjoyed the use of voiceover to explain significant time lapses between episodes. This is a great example of how to use voiceover effectively in storytelling!

    It is a good idea to reduce the amount of narration used in season 2, since it will be more character driven. Good use of voiceover means knowing when, and when not to use it!

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