‘Prometheus 2’ Principal Photography Starts in New Zealand; Filming Now Underway!

The sequel to the 2012 science-fiction space suspense thriller “Prometheus” is now in full production. But instead of the previous title of “Prometheus 2,” it now has the official title of “Alien: Covenant.”

Principal photography for “Alien: Covenant” began in early April at New Zealand’s Milford Sound, located in Fiordland National Park.

Shortly thereafter, a promo image came out at the end of last month showing the mission patch attached to the uniform of the people working at the Covenant, the main ship of the movie, reports Christian Today.

The patch contains a prop from the movie “Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark,” movie enthusiasts observed. It is actually the Ark of the Covenant, which based on legend, is the gold-plated acacia wood chest that destroyed cities, decimated armies, and made rivers dry up in advance of the Israelite army.

The first official photo from “Alien: Covenant” is nothing earth-shattering actually. It does not involve any recognizable cast members or the scary Xenomorph alien or any shocking revelations. It is just a uniform patch, rendered in a lovely sky blue, with a corporate slogan around the edges and the name of the colony ship, Covenant, on the inside.

However, it confirms one interesting detail that the Weyland Corp, that was seen in “Prometheus” back in 2012, will have undergone a merger to become Weyland-Yutani in “Alien: Covenant.”

The release of the promo photo featuring the mission patch of the Covenant also means that filming for the movie is already underway, which is just about right considering that it already has a playdate on global theaters on August 5, 2017, which is a two-month push forward from its initial release date of October 6, 2017.

A revamped casting

With only actor Michael Fassbender returning to reprise his role as the synthetic android David, “Alien: Covenant” shall have a revamped casting.

Fassbender shall reportedly be joined by a stellar cast including “The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby: Her” actress Katherine Waterston, who will play the role of Daniels in the film. Other cast members include Danny McBride, Demian Bichir, Jussie Smollett of “Empire,” Amy Seimetz, Carmen Ejogo, Callie Hernandez, Billy Crudup, Alexander England, and newcomer Benjamin Rigby.

The new casting already confirmed previous reports that actress Noomi Rapace, who plays Elizabeth Shaw in “Prometheus” shall no longer be returning in the sequel.

It can be recalled that at the end of “Prometheus,” Elizabeth Shaw and David took off to the Engineers’ home planet in order for them to find answers on what the Engineers were planning.

Back in the previous movie, the Engineers built a temple as a shrine to the Xenomorph but it was meant to cover that it was harboring a deadly DNA weapon that was on course to Earth, details Bloody Disgusting.

Apparently, the Engineers were planning to destroy Earth as early as 2,000 years ago and it was what Shaw was trying to find out.

Avoiding fan confusion

“Alien: Covenant” is the second movie of a prequel trilogy to “Alien.” So as not to confuse fans and viewers, the producers have decided to complete first the prequel trilogy before starting production on “Alien 5,” the latest sequel to the very successful sci-fi film franchise starring Sigourney Weaver.

prometheus 2

Early last year, reports started going around that Neil Bonkenkamp was already tapped to direct “Alien 5” but towards the close of 2015, it has been confirmed that the project was put on hold pending the completion of the next two films of the prequel trilogy.

“Alien: Covenant” is slated to  hit cinemas in August next year and the third film is likely to come out one or two years after so the earliest that “Alien 5” could come out is in 2019.

There have been numerous speculations about the possible plotline of “Alien: Covenant” but it was practically confirmed when the movie’s official synopsis was released late last year.

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