Adam Lambert Says Rihanna’s Singing Skills in Her Recent Detroit Concert Blew Him Away!

Adam Lambert has expressed his great admiration for the singing skills of pop singer Rihanna when he caught her performing in Detroit recently.

The “Ghost Town” singer said that he was floored by the “Diamond” hitmaker when he watched her in her performance in Detroit recently that blew him away, reports DNA India.

The “For Your Entertainment” hitmaker also revealed that he has been checking on Rihanna’s Instagram page because the “Umbrella” singer is so fun to look at, adding further that Riri looks so gorgeous.

Lambert narrated that she went to Rihanna’s concert in Detroit held a few weeks ago. He had a concert in Detroit the night before and since he was free, he decided to watch Riri’s concert.

He said that he knew that it was going to be a great show because he knows the songs of Rihanna. True to his expectations, Lambert has been blown away because Rihanna delivered a good show.

The design and everything in the show were really gorgeous and Rihanna delivered some vocals that floored him because it was so impressive, Lambert said during an interview with Laura Whitmore for “The Hot Desk,” reports The Hamilton Spectator.

Great confidence

Adam Lambert also talked about his performance with Brian May and Roger Taylor of Queen over the last couple of years because it has given him a great confidence in his singing.

He said that his stint with Queen has given him a great confidence and he is also very elated that the public reactions to the group’s concerts have been wonderful. He added that the tour with Queen also gave him the opportunity to make himself known to more people.

Asked if he feels different about performing with a group rather than solo, Lambert said that he would speak of different emotions but of different ways to approach the show.

He explained that with Queen, he has to be really exaggerated, bordering on the ridiculous, even the costumes because it is what the music requires of him. He said that he has to be drawn into the role and be part of Queen.

Lambert went on to say that in his tour as a solo performer, he explores the current fashion and dance and he expresses his own creativity. He said he has taken care of every single aspect of his show.

New collaboration

Meanwhile, fans all over the world were treated to the music video of the collaboration among Adam Lambert, Steve Aoki, and Felix Jaehn on April 26 when their new song titled “Can’t Go Home” was uploaded on YouTube by Ultra Music.

Early listeners to the music have nothing but praises for the new song. Steve Aoki also has nothing but good words about the “Ghost Town” singer. Aoki recalled that they shipped the music off to Adam Lambert first. When the singer heard it and loved it, he went straight to the studio and recorded with him and Felix.

The electro musician also revealed that they actually did a million and one takes on the dance song “Can’t Go Home” but Adam Lambert did not complain one bit, indicative of how a true professional he is.

Aoki said that “Can’t Go Home” is a home run of a song and he is happy that he was able to hit it along with Adam Lambert and Felix Jaehn.

adam lambert

He also became the latest musician to describe Lambert as the best singer he has ever worked with in his lengthy career, saying that Adam is just an incredible artist. It was almost the same description made by Queen stalwarts Brian May and Roger Taylor when they were able to convince Lambert to front for their band since late 2014 and the whole of 2015.

Steve and Felix put the dance music on the song and blended it with the impeccable vocals of Adam Lambert. The accompanying music video that was released on YouTube showed the special bond between a beautiful beach goer and her chimpanzee friend.

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