Poorly designed flats and the damage it does to your feet

The feet play an important role in maintaining balance and good posture.  They take incredible strain from supporting the entire weight of the body while remaining hardy enough to withstand the various surfaces on the ground – think about the number of shoes that are worn down by walking and yet the feet seem to withstand everything.

There are many ailments which affect the feet which range from flat feet to pigeon toes and all of these can result in poor posture because the weight-bearing joints adjust and accommodate for the bad feet.  Weight-bearing joints include the ankles, knees, hips, back, and neck and bad posture can cause severe pain in any of these areas.

Needless to say, footwear has a direct effect on the feet and all of the other areas affected by the feet.  It is no secret that the high heels which women wear cause the feet to bend in an unnatural way that exerts pressure on the ball of the foot.

It seems commonplace to accept that flat shoes are the wiser choice, however, poorly designed flat shoes can be detrimental to the structure of the foot and can cause damage to the foot, which will damage the entire skeletal structure.

Flat shoes which are completely flat, with no arch to support the instep of the foot, can cause the arch of the foot to collapse.  A collapsed arch will result in the feet rolling towards each other, which makes the knees roll in which will become increasingly painful and will result in damage to the entire calf, extending all the way down to the tips of the toes.

Fallen arches are also known as plantar fasciitis and, in most cases, will lead to the tendons in the bottom of the foot tearing.

It is common for people who wear closed ballet flats to wear shoes which are too tight.  The poorly designed tight shoes will result in the toenails being restricted which causes ingrown toenails.  Ingrown toenails may become infected which, if left untreated, could lead to irreparable damage to the feet.

Any shoes which are not designed to bend in the same way that a foot bends will cause the foot to overcompensate and adjust, which will adjust the weight-bearing joints and create bad posture.  Flip-flops can damage the toes due to the fact that the toes have to work in overtime to keep the foot in the shoe.

Flip-flops, and other shoes which are completely flat, do not provide any support for the heel as it slams to the floor.  A well designed shoe will have a shock absorber in the heel to ensure the foot does not take too much strain, resulting in pain free walking.

It is important to ensure that the feet receive all of the support they require because they take a lot of the strain of day-to-day activities.  Orthotic inserts are an ideal solution to keep all of your favourite flats while maintaining good feet and good posture.

poorly designed flats

The inserts will support the arches, the toes, and it will mimic the shape of the foot which will solve and avoid any damage to the feet.

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