Seven Deadly Sins Season 2: Spoilers and 2018 Release Date

A-1 Pictures officially confirmed The Seven Deadly Sins Season 2 release data for 2018, and if Netflix’s involvement means anything – it means it will be an awesome season!

What is this anime about?

Set in a world that is a lot like the European Middle Ages, this anime has a rather complex story. So, Holy Knights of Britannia are protectors of the domain, they are feared and respected, and they use incredibly powerful magic to protect the region. A small group renegades from the order betrays their homeland and turns their blades against their fellow knights in an attempt to overthrow the ruler of Liones. This group gets defeated by the Holy Knights, but rumors persist that members of the group named “Seven Deadly Sins” are still alive.

Ten years after this mutiny, the Holy Knights order stages a coup d’ état. Now they are new, tyrannical rulers of the kingdom.

Nanatsu no Taizai follows Elizabeth, the third princess of the Kingdom of Liones, and her search for the Seven Deadly Sins. She plans to take her kingdom back from the Holy Knights, and to bring justice where there is none.

By the end of the first season, the Seven Deadly Sins – Merlin, Escanor, Gowther, King, Ban, Diane and Melodias have united with the Holy Knights in order to defeat the villain, Hendrickson.

“Fake” Season 2

In August of 2016, a four episode anime special was released under the title of Season 2, with the name The Seven Deadly Sins: Signs Of Holy War. These episodes were mistitled by Netflix, and months later, they corrected it. And even though we didn’t get a whole season of episodes, the special was a great way to give us a taste of what is to come in the real second season.

The real new season

The staff of The Seven Deadly Sins anime revealed that the new season will be named The Seven Deadly Sins: Revival of The Commandments, and it will premiere in January 2018. It is expected to have 24 episodes, similar to the first season.


Official plot details for the second season have not been released yet, but there’s still the manga, and we can give only suppose that the anime will, at least in part, follow that story.

For one, there will be a whole new set of demons who will serve as the big bad of Season 2. The Seven Deadly Sins will be up against the Ten Commandments, a band of very powerful demons.

These demons were handpicked by the Demon King, they all have names which represent their characters, and each one of them is endowed with a specific power that delivers a curse on whoever breaks the commandment. The curse only gets lifted after the demon is destroyed or the victim dies.

These demons are so powerful that just one of them can easily overwhelm Meliodas, Slader, Diane and Merlin while destroying half of Camelot and its Holy Nights in the process.

Seven Deadly Sins Season 2

Also, the word online Is that the Seven Deadly Sins will be fighting one of their own, Escanor, in the upcoming season. As Meliodas promised Elizabeth that he’d help her find all seven of Sins, they are still in search for Lord Escanor.

Our guess is that the show will play with Escanor’s split personality that depends on the time of day. You see, during the day, Escanor is prideful and arrogant, while his body has big muscles and allows him to move with great strength and speed.

At night, he turns into a humble and meek creature. Even his eating habits change. When he is powerful, he eats meat, while during his gentle phase, he only eats vegetables. We don’t even have to say that this addition will be a great comic relief for the rogue gallery that are the Sins.

Elizabeth will become even more important in the story, she will manifest her powers as a Goddess, which will lead to some really interesting changes in her physical appearance.

At the end of the season, we expect to see the Demon King rising to face the Seven Deadly Sins and Elizabeth, and he will be tough, as he is a hundred times more powerful than the Ten Commandments.

Will anime follow the story of the manga? Shall we finally see who is the true enemy? How will Elizabeth look in her Goddess form? Will we learn more of Meliodas’ secrets?

Can’t wait to see!

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